Large Maine Coon Cat in New York City Is Social Media Star


We all know cats can eat a lot – just look at Garfield! But one cat currently living in New York City really takes the cake (or lasagna?). Samson is the largest Maine Coon cat in the city. While this breed of cat is known to be abnormally big, this large Maine Coon cat is absolutely huge.

Most cats weigh between 8 and 10 pounds and are 2 feet long, but Samson is 28 pounds and 4 feet long! The ginormous cat has been living in a New York City apartment since 2013, but don’t worry — his owner, Jonathan Zurbel, says Samson always finds room to stretch out.

According to Zurbel, Samson can be a tough guy, but he is typically sweet. The large Maine Coon cat enjoys cuddling, wrestling, and going for rides around town in his green cat stroller, where he draws “crowds of photographers.”

So how does one care for a cat of this size? Samson eats six cans of wet food a day and uses four pounds of litter a week. He also gets groomed monthly. His groomer calls him a “gentle giant” and says that Samson is “not fat,” but rather very “well proportioned.” She even refers to him as the “Fabio of cats.”

Samson even has his own Instagram account, @catstradamus, where he has amassed 185,000 followers.

Dr. Lisa Lippman, a Manhattan veterinarian, confirmed Samson’s title as the largest feline, saying, “He is by far the biggest cat I’ve heard of, especially in New York City.”

So far, Samson has received no official challengers, and we don’t think he will any time soon – until they legalize pet tigers, perhaps. Check out more pictures of this extraordinarily large Maine Coon cat below and be sure to SHARE this adorable giant with your friends on Facebook.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on August 17, 2016. It has been updated throughout.




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