Kunal Kemmu Deadlifts 150 Kilos of Weights


Bollywood actor Kunal Kemmu shared a video the place he might be seen lifting 150 kilos of weight. He says it isn’t about how a lot you elevate however how properly you’ll be able to elevate it and never injure your self within the course of.

Kunal posted the video on Instagram, doing a repetition of deadlift with 150 kilos.

“150kgs! That is currently my one rep max on deadlifts. It’s an exercise that I really like and one that needs to be done right. Proper form is paramount specially as you build strength and add weights Never ego train. It’s not about how much you can lift but how well you can lift it and not injure yourself in the process,” he wrote as caption.

Kunal stated it took him two months of coaching to construct as much as this weight. It is his sixth and final set.

“You should never just go and lift heavy weights directly. Just like a warm up is important before any workout you need to get your muscle and body used to the weights that you are going to lift. For some this might be not very heavy but for me it’s my one rep max Train hard train right #stepbysteprepbyrep,” he wrote.