Konami Wai Wai World brings some of the best Konami characters together into one game


Simon Belmont and Ishikawa Goemon crew up this Famicom Friday

If you’re conversant in my Famicom Friday articles, you’ll know I’ve already bemoaned the misplaced soul of Konami, and I don’t plan to cease sulking anytime quickly. What you won’t know are the depths of my despair. They weren’t simply nice for Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, they had been as soon as an organization that continually pushed the limits of expertise and design, they usually did it playfully with out carrying the whiff of company oversight.

I wasn’t there, clearly, but when I used to be to make presumptions of the company’s Famicom years, I’d envision a pleasant firm full of camaraderie and passionate folks primarily based on their output. There was a stage of cohesion I can solely think about coming from a bunch who supported one another and their tasks. Maybe I’m being a little bit idealistic, however Konami’s Famicom catalogue is my consolation zone. It’s a heat and protected place to discover, full of wonders and oddities, and this game could also be one of the most attention-grabbing. To take a look at, if nothing else.

Published By: Konami
Developed By: Konami
Released: January 1988
Also Available On: Mobile

There’s nowhere that Konami’s early cohesion might be as clearly seen as it could possibly in Konami Wai Wai World, and that’s as a result of it’s actually a crossover game that takes characters from throughout the developer’s Famicom catalogue and places them into one game. It’s the earliest instance I can assume of for a full crossover game till 1990’s Alex Kidd in Shinobi World.

The game includes Konami Man and Konami Lady — the former of which made cameos in Konami titles earlier to this — who should journey via six worlds to rescue varied Konami characters. These embrace Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Goemon from Ganbare Goemon, Mikey from The Goonies, King Kong from King Kong 2, Fuuma from Getsu Fuuma Den, and a Moai statue from the Japanese video game business’s bizarre obsession with Moai statues.

The worlds are subsequently themed round the characters. They’re introduced as considerably non-linear maps the place you hunt down the character and learn how to free them. Unfortunately, that’s the first place the game stumbles: you’re in a position to choose any stage from the begin, however you possibly can solely full some of them after you’ve acquired a sure character and their particular means. Of course, you’re not going to find this till you make an try and end up unable to proceed, which is a drag.

Permit me to descend additional into the depths of criticism for a second, as Wai Wai World sadly has a number of issues. First, it’s extraordinarily unpolished. Maybe it’s as a result of of the scope of the game, however its controls are silly simplistic and the animation is junk. The display screen solely advances if you’re close to the very edge of it, which suggests you’ve little time to react to what comes at you. It simply feels off general, and it makes the complete expertise appear a little bit rickety.

Then there’s the incontrovertible fact that if one of your characters die, you must revive them. That’s not too unusual, however you must spend 100 bullets to take action, and it’s the dumbest mechanic. You wind up having to grind enemies to revive simply one of your characters, however don’t do this. It’s silly. Just seize the newest password and stop. Enter the password and all of your characters are again in wholesome situations. The passwords are ludicrously lengthy, but it surely’ll prevent having to grind and that’s simply the most miserable factor about the game.

There’s additionally 2-player co-op, which seems like a pleasant addition, however winds up simply being a faster strategy to kill your characters. Try to not strangle your vital different since you had been grinding for bullets and somebody fell down a gap.

What I needed to get at is: you actually have to like Konami’s Famicom output to like Konami Wai Wai World as a result of it’s not a very good game by itself. It’s not complete rubbish, but it surely’s middling in the most charitable of phrases.

If you do love Konami, it’s utterly worthwhile. Switching to Simon Belmont and having Vampire Killer kick in as the background music is totally mouthwatering. It’s simply too dangerous that almost all of the represented video games had been by no means launched in the West. But these of us who performed Getsu Fuuma Den will most likely be excited for the probability to go to hell.

You also needs to have some shoot-’em-up chops, as a result of the game places you thru an enactment of Twinbee earlier than you attain the last boss, and it has completely no mercy. That’s variety of the factor with the Wai Wai titles; both you’re absolutely in, otherwise you’ll most likely be unnoticed. Its reverence of the Konami catalogue is strict, and should you’re not acquainted, chances are you’ll end up misplaced.

With the inclusion of two licensed characters, Mikey and King Kong, re-releasing Konami Wai Wai World is a tough proposition. It was finished as soon as on cellphones the place Mikey was changed with Upa from Bio-Miracle Upa and Kong was changed with a huge Penta the penguin, however I’m speaking pre-smart cellphones, so it’s principally misplaced at this level. There was, nevertheless, a direct sequel in Konami Wai Wai World 2, which is totally totally different and a much better game.

You’ll most likely want a fan translation or good Japanese studying expertise to get via this one. Even should you’re proficient in studying Japanese, the game makes the bizarre alternative of utilizing katakana for all textual content, which is fairly uncomfortable to learn to a non-native. It’s like studying cursive handwriting; you see it so not often that you just neglect what a capital “Z” seems like.

We’re unlikely to get an formally localized model of this, not just because of the licensed character but additionally as a result of most of these video games didn’t make it West. Though, I wouldn’t say no to Konami releasing a full compilation of their Famicom releases. They’re not that cool, although. At least, not anymore.

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