Justice League Dark Main Comic Book Villains, Ranked Lamest To Coolest


Villains come in all shapes and sizes. With a team like the Justice League, the villains range from immortal tyrants to evil gods. Yet, while those villains stand out as evil, they are nothing compared to the dark foes that plague the JL’s magical counterpart, Justice League Dark.

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Serving as a barrier against the dark forces of magic, this other version of the Justice League has faced down dozens of disturbing and twisted foes. From ancient evils to extradimensional beings and even former heroes turned by the dark arts, the JLD villains make the Justice Leagues’ rogue’s gallery seem like child’s play.

11 Sea King

Sea King arrives on Earth-1 Ahead of the Crime Syndicate

There’s always been an ongoing joke that Aquaman is one of the worst superheroes out there, given his abilities and bizarre friendships. And while the heroes been updated and made more interesting, his alternative selves are less so.

Hailing from Earth-3, Sea King is Aquaman’s doppelganger who, during the “Forever Evil” event, died getting to Earth-1. When the JLD went to take on the villain Blight, Sea King was resurrected and fought the team briefly before getting easily beaten.

10 Nick Necro

Nick Necro greets Zatana and John constatine

There is a thin line between love and hate, and Nick Necro proves it. For a while, Nick Necro was a powerful sorcerer who was the ex of both Zatanna Zatara and John Constatine and remained their friends for some time.

However, his obsession with obtaining the books of magic caused the three of them to fall apart and put Nick at odds with the Justice League Dark, and he eventually battles against them as sort of a knock-off between Constantine and Zatanna.

9 Felix Faust

Felix Faust battles the Justice League Dark

Now, a lot of the villains on this list tend to have faced down foes other than the Justice League Dark. Felix Faust, a powerful wizard and evil sorcerer, has taken on Zatanna, the Justice League, and of course the Justice League Dark time again.

A few times Faust has taken on the Justice League Dark and most of the times, he’s always seemed to lose to them. One of the last times he took them on was when he was a frail old man, and he really didn’t do that well.

8 Pralaya

Prayala is created at the beginning of time

As the era of New 52 came to a close, the first run of Justice League Dark did as well, with the heroes battling against the likes of Pralaya, the embodiment of darkness itself, a being older than the multiverse and deadset on destroying the multiverse.

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She was equipped with insane amounts of power and incredible abilities that made her a worthy adversary of the magical team. However, Pralaya like a lot of other villains didn’t last very long and was taken down without much trouble.

7 Hecate

Hecate comes to earth during the Witching Hour

Like Pralaya, Hecate was an omnipotent being who rose up against the JLD during the Witching Hour. Living for thousands of years and hailing from the Greek Pantheon of Gods, Hecate took to the world and used powerful magic users to do her bidding.

Utilizing these witch marked, Hecate tore through the world, wreaking havoc, destruction and nearly bringing the world of magic down. In the end, Hecate was slain when Diana summoned the Upside Down Man who fed upon Hecate, ending her reign of terror.

6 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate unleashes his power on the world

Technically speaking, Doctor Fate is more of a hero than a villain. For years, the helm of fate has worked through Kent Nelson and many others, but at one point, Fate turned to the dark side.

After a series of cataclysmic events, Fate and the other Lords of the order decided to bring order to the world of magic, allowing beings from other worlds to bring chaos and death to all. Although he only lasted as a villain for a short time, Fate was an interesting villain to take on the JLD.

5 Eclipso

Eclipse breaks out of his crystal

While the Justice League Dark is a more recent addition to the DC universe, the likes of the monstrous Eclipso have been around far longer. When the wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance turned sour, Eclipso was created and became a plague on the earth.

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Having taken many human hosts over the years, Eclipso slowly grew in power and stature. Contained to a crystal that keeps him in check, Eclipso’s become a powerful foe for not just the JLD but other heroes as well. With an upcoming appearance in Stargirl, maybe Eclipso could set the standard for DC TV villains as well as in comics.

4 Upside Down Man

The Upside Down man captures the Justice League Dark

In recent comics, more and more villains have appeared to take on the Justice League Dark. The biggest name among them belongs to the horrifying and extra-dimensional creature known as the Upside Down Man.

Created when creation gave birth to magic, the likes of the Upside Down Man exist to feed and consume all magic. During the last age of magic, the Upside Down Man crossed over into DC’s world and tried to destroy everything before being stopped by the JLD.

3 Blight

Blight impales Phantom Stranger with his own power

Before the Upside Down Man came about to destroy magic and the world, there was the vile Blight. Not to be confused with the Batman Beyond villain, Blight is a powerful being who inhabits the body of Chris Esperanza, the friend of the Phantom Stranger who has Blight awakened within him.

A former ally turning against his fellow heroes makes for an intriguing villain and Blight served as a big threat for the JLD, battling them as the Crime Syndicate laid siege to Earth during “Forever Evil”. Even when Blight is defeated, Chris lives on, becoming a spirit of redemption.

2 Circe

Circe gains the powers of the witch marked from Hecate

Old villains getting a much-needed reboot can be some of the best villains. For years, the sorceress Circe served as a villain for Wonder Woman. While she ended up becoming more unknown over the years, during the Rebirth run of JLD, she became a serious threat.

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Originally siding with Wonder Woman, Circe became the Witch Queen and sought to free the demon Eclipso as a way to take over the world. Circe ended up being a major threat for the JLD although she did end up helping them on a few occasions.

1 Injustice League Dark

Circe forms her Injustice League Dark

Dark mirrors of a superhero team can sometimes be the greatest force a hero can face. In her attempt to gain control of Eclipso, Circe recruited Klarion the Witch Boy, Papa Midnite, Solomon Grundy, and Jason Woodrue to her cause, creating the Injustice League Dark.

Utilizing these powerful foes, the Injustice League Dark ended up taking down the JLD and nearly succeeded in freeing Eclipso. Together, the team is far deadlier than they are apart.

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