‘It’s Not A Phase, Mom, It’s My Life’: 41 Regrettable ‘Phases’ That People Outgrew, Shared In This Online Group


Our mothers knew that after we have been sincerely telling them that there was no want for us to go to highschool anymore as a result of we have been in a band now, that carrying fedoras with anime pins was a factor, or that opening a bar in Jamaica with unique snakes in glass circumstances was our future profession—they actually knew it, it might solely be a section. Redditor u/GeorgoyFriendman requested his fellow customers of the r/AsokayReddit group, “What was your biggest/most regrettable ‘It’s not a phase, mom. It’s my life.’ that, in fact, turned out to be just a phase and not your life?” and the funniest and most hysterical tales poured in.

So in the event you had an emo ‘phase,’ in the event you needed to put on coloured contacts however there was nothing incorrect together with your imaginative and prescient, and in the event you actually thought you have been a rapper, try the very best entries and vote in your favourite ones. And then stick with it regretting these questionable vogue selections and tramp stamp tattoos.

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When I used to be 16, I saved my hair dyed blue, and saved myself pretty busy incomes cash to maintain shopping for the hair dye so it might keep that approach. One summer time, one in all our cats, a grey and white one, needed to have a leg amputated after being bitten by a snake, and I seen that the pores and skin beneath the fur was the identical shade, in the identical sample, as her fur had been.

And it was simply sufficient to go fool teenage muster.

So, I shaved my head with the intention of getting my whole scalp tattooed blue, considering that when my hair grew again in, it might be without end blue. I even discovered a tattoo man prepared to do the job, however provided that an experimental sq. inch labored.

I’m nonetheless blonde, however I do have a tattoo on my scalp that is only a blue sq..

My mom was too dumbfounded to say something. And my step dad simply walked out onto the again porch to stare into the yard for some time. It was by no means introduced up once more as soon as it was clear the experiment did not work.

I by no means dyed my hair once more after that both.

PowerSkunk92 , Unsplash Report

(*41*) I used to be VERY into The Transformers once I was a wee lad within the Nineteen Eighties. One day, I made a decision to vary my identify to the identify of my favourite Autobot. My identify was lame, and I needed an superior Transformer identify. And I used to be VERY insistent that my dad and mom solely name me by my new identify. Calling me by my ‘outdated’ identify would trigger an enormous fats tantrum on my half.

So for the higher a part of per week, my poor dad and mom needed to name me Wheeljack.

AxelShoes , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned My good friend and I made a decision we have been going to open a bar in Jamaica with unique snakes in glass cages within the partitions at every sales space. We satisfied ourselves it might be superb for a minimum of 2 years in school. It was going to be known as Fredro’s.

My whole household made enjoyable of me for it. Once we received out of faculty, we realized it was not possible and joined the workplace grind. We’re additionally 2 white guys with no ties to Jamaica.

J_for_Jules , Flickr Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned My boyfriend once I sixteen that I swore to god was my soulmate.

I don’t even keep in mind his identify now.

Sorry mum.

LaceOfGrace , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I wore a prime hat with an anime pin on it for round a yr. Met one in all my present finest mates whereas carrying it, idk how he might bear to talk to me after that.

lauren_eats_games , Flickr Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Being a mall goth was “just who I am, mom!” I’m 34 and now not a mall goth. But I do nonetheless look again fondly in any respect the silly s*** I used to put on. It was a number of enjoyable.

H0lyThr0wawayBatman , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Acting like a thug … being 12 years outdated from a white center class household however performing like a profession legal, born within the streets, who had completed a nickel of arduous time within the clink. At the mall on a Friday night time providing you with the loopy eye with my backward hat and dishevelled pants.

If somebody did really “try” me we’d normally simply bump chests and say “do something then” “go head then” “no you do something homie” strolling in circles with my arms by my aspect as a result of I’m extra involved about wanting gangster than I’m about defending myself. 9/10 instances nothing would occur however I’d undoubtedly chalk it up as a win for my crew anyway.

Side word tho one in all my finest homies head butted a man with horrible head butt method and it knocked them each unconscious, however as a result of my good friend wakened and received up first he declared himself the victor, it was surprisingly arduous to argue with that logic.

Also I had my nickname embroidered on my fitted hat from lids “Lil E” however due to the calligraphy model font and unhealthy spacing it appeared to learn Lile or Lily as most would pronounce it and that sucked ass … spent like a complete months allowance on that silly hat by no means to be worn once more, but additionally by no means forgotten by my mates.

Sincerely yours, Lily

Oops_dookiesneeze , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Scene vogue. I back-combed my hair to hell and again, and received fairly a couple of facial piercings I nonetheless have scars for lol

The worst half was the precise garments. I nonetheless cringe fascinated by once I wore these neon blue leopard print leggings with a pink tutu skirt. And all of the cheesy, low cost beaded jewellery. My mother advised me to not depart the home like that and I advised her she did not “get it”.

All the cringe.

wwickered , Flickr Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I had a fancy section as soon as. Spoke in a horrible british accent, put my pinky out whereas consuming tea, stated pardon so much. My brother advised me to cease so i did

123Spaghetti321 , Flickr Report

I went by way of an Eminem section have been I made a decision to talk extra “urban”. It was mainly me saying “yo” so much and making fulsome gestures with my arms. I’d work lyrics into my on a regular basis vernacular like “how ELSE do you get to the booty” and “rap god!” Usually they have been utterly out of context and inappropriate. I known as my mates my “peoples”.

I’m cringing into the ground simply fascinated by it.

muddynips Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I used to be obsessive about “The Craft” in junior excessive and was satisfied that I used to be a witch. I mainly simply drew pentagrams throughout my college work and wore a number of rings on my fingers. That’s it.

helloasianglow , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I needed to be a big-time hero and save the world from each unhealthy factor.

I simply play D&D now.

Morfa , Flickr Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Trenchcoat section after I noticed the matrix. Turns out a goofy f****** 13 yr outdated does not look or really feel as bada** in a single as Neo does. EDIT: I used to be a sheltered child in a sheltered city. I’d heard of Columbine however had not seen the video and had made no connection between the coat and the occasion.

zensnapple , Unsplash Report

My gymnastics.

Then I slipped up and paralysed myself. Had to be taught to stroll once more which took 3 years.

Interestingly, the place my dad and mom discouraged me from “wasting time” on gymnastics earlier than the accident, after the accident and my restoration they inspired me to take it up once more… however i cant. The accident and the horror surrounding it nonetheless provides me nightmares some nights.

_Domino_Presley_ Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Being a hippie. Still love nature, meditation and the Grateful Dead, however it’s good to have a transparent head and a significant profession.

copperdomebodhi , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I’ve an actual whopper…. I liked anime as a young person. This was within the 90s so it wasn’t that mainstream but. Because I had little interest in anything, I took a yr of Japanese. Then as a result of I STILL had no different ambition or curiosity, I signed up within the army to go to Japan. For 8 years.

Got out, went to varsity and since I STILL did not know what I needed to do, I studied Japanese. By this time, the curiosity in anime had worn off, however studying tradition and historical past was cool. So… I went to varsity to be taught Japanese. As a significant.

6 goddamned years, a ton of core courses and never a single curiosity in another factor. I used to be “done” with the Japanese language at that time, however as a result of close to the top, my class actually could not be run with out me, I stayed. I stayed as a result of I felt like it might be a waste if I modified it. Like every thing I had completed as much as that time was a lie.

Here I’m with a level in Japanese Language/History and Culture and I’m in no way inquisitive about it anymore.

I’m in search of an actual job, have been since I received out of faculty however for now I work for a temp firm for a Japanese air con firm.

-Firestar- , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned There was a time in my youthful days when i used to be obsessive about demise. I needed to be a hitman. I had satisfied myself that i used to be gonna be an murderer. That lasted a couple of months

awesomemofo75 , Unsplash Report

Ugh. My tramp stamp. Thought it made me look so sizzling and flirty. Now I’m a professor and all the time must put on excessive waisted pants so none of my college students ever see it.

B1NG_P0T Report

I assumed I used to be asexual trigger I’d by no means preferred anybody earlier than and so I advised my mother I needed to develop up and dwell alone and by no means discover love as a result of individuals solely made you’re feeling worse as soon as they left. Evidently it is value it and I’m not asexual

TheBoos456 Report

I received actually obsessive about being a Christian – shopping for all of the Christianity books, Christian music (like Christian hardcore/ska/pop punk). I joined a methodist church and even received baptised and went to all their mission journeys and such.

I’m Jewish lol however I received to go to NYC so _(ツ)_/

Realistic-Hold-1417 Report

I grew to become extraordinarily non secular in my late teen years. Planned on being a missionary to FARC in Colombia form of excessive. My mom tried to inform me that I’d really feel otherwise sooner or later and to watch out. I screamed that, if something, I needed to be MORE excessive.

I run a liquor retailer now and he or she is sort sufficient to not rub my face in it. I believe she’s largely glad I’m not attempting to transform godless drug-lord revolutionaries whereas dodging AK-47 hearth.

GForceHangover Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Sad half is we nonetheless have phases as we age. Hit 40 and I had my first “I’m going to get cancer and die” section. Little later it was “I’m going to have a heart attack and die phase”. I’ve had mates all appear to undergo one thing comparable, that realization of our personal mortality.

Plus individuals my age get wanderlust and chase tail or purchase a brand new sportscar (did neither fortunately).

Rancethetank , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Being a tattooer. Regrettable due to these poor individuals who have my terrible doodles on their our bodies.

ladyledylidy , Unsplash Report

I went by way of a bizarre section as a toddler the place I nearly completely watched The Weather Channel for a few years. This was again within the early 2000s, when there was no leisure programming, simply repeating information segments and “Local on the 8s,” the latter of which I received actually excited for. I used to be additionally obsessive about watching this silly slideshow on the native entry channel and memorizing the lunch menus for each college within the district.

My mother would get indignant at me for doing this. She even took me to see a toddler psychiatrist, who determined there was nothing incorrect with me– I used to be simply unusual. But actually, I used to be completely obsessive about PowerPoint. I made all kinds of shows in my free time, and I used to be satisfied I’d develop into an expert PowerPoint maker, which nobody on the time advised me wasn’t a factor.

It turned out to be a section as a result of being compelled to make use of PowerPoint at this time makes me groan… I’d slightly spend hours modifying a video or writing an essay, particularly if that PowerPoint presentation requires an accompanying speech.

I discover this section to be regrettable as a result of I missed a number of nice youngsters’s reveals of the time, like Lizzie McGuire and As Told By Ginger. I simply needed to look at probably the most mundane, unmemorable issues on TV.

thrashette Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned There was a time once I believed that I needed to enter seminary and examine for the priesthood.

Mom stated, “It’s a passing fancy. You lead an intensely secular life and are only flirting with the idea because you enjoy time spent at church playing your organ as a lay person.”

She was proper, however I would not admit it in the intervening time. By my junior yr in highschool, the notion had handed.

Back2Bach , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Dancing to at least one course and considering I’d be within the background of their music video lmao. I really stated that that is going to be my profession.

hahf***you_ , Flickr Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Oh god, performing. After years of theater beginning in elementary by way of school, I assumed that was it. Loved being on stage. My (Korean) mother would attempt to bribe me with quick meals and different contraband as an alternative of heading out to courses and auditions.

Now I work in IT however nonetheless take courses right here and there. So, compromise

GoldenBea , Unsplash Report

oh my god I assumed I used to be a redneck (18f). solely wore camo, adopted a southern accent, tried buying and selling in my model new infiniti for a mud bike… not a superb chapter of my life

Suspicious_Station83 Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned I by no means received to expertise something like that as a child. I suppose the closest factor was again once I received into paintball. I used to be obsessed. Turns out it was only a 3 yr section because the whole paintball group form of died off throughout the identical time.

sump___erson , Unsplash Report

I went to a automobile present as soon as as a teen, and the one newer automobile there was some chick’s PT cruiser. It was sizzling glittery pink, and on the time I used to be obsessed. I insisted that in the future I’d have a sizzling pink automobile, with pink seats, pink sprint, pink carpets, and so forth. I used to be fairly closely goth on the time, so my dad and mom simply rolled their eyes.

vampiratemirajah Report

Wanting coloured contacts. My imaginative and prescient was tremendous, however I needed purple eyes. I nonetheless assume it might be cool, however I’m not going out of my approach for that.

Questionable-Duck4 Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Wanted to be a wrestler, would placed on reveals on my trampoline and had {a magazine} too, by no means made it to mania

Fademofo , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned Anime, emo stuff (mcr and the like). I nonetheless am mildly into them however nowhere close to the degrees I was. As a lot as I hate my emo section, I don’t assume I’d be who I’m now with out it. Same goes for anime. (For the document I nonetheless love mcr. They’re an amazing band! I simply don’t use them as an alternative choice to a character anymore)

BoopDeDoop29 , Unsplash Report

Biggest-Regrettable-Phase-Life-Mom-Turned My anime section. I don’t actually watch a number of anime now however I wouldn’t thoughts watching it on occasion. Especially once I was 13/14 and went by way of a complete section of watching this one present and changing into darkish as a result of this character was solely into darkish issues and wore the colour black on a regular basis. I additionally keep in mind considering how tremendous sizzling he was. Now I don’t ever need to keep in mind this time in any respect

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