It Doesn’t Get Much More Adorable Than This


Source: Instagram/biggieandruby

You just can’t help but adore friendships between little kids and big dogs, and in the video below, Ruby, Biggie, and Wooster steal the show.

Ruby, a little girl, just adores Biggie and Wooster — large, Bernese mountain doggies — and the three of them are the “bestest” of friends.

The lovable trio has been friends ever since Ruby was a baby, and they may even become a quartet when Ruby’s little brother, Sonny, is a bit older.

“We’re always enjoying life,” Ruby said on her Instagram page, which documents the adventures of the two kids and two dogs. (We’re assuming that mom moderates the page.)

Check out Ruby and her canine companions on the Love What Matters – Animals Facebook page.

We look forward to a follow-up with Sonny, but we cannot imagine how this could possibly get any cuter! Do you know of any adorable videos with little kids and big dogs? We want to see them! SHARE them with us on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to pass this along to anybody who needs a smile today.

Editor’s Note: This piece was first published in 2017.
(H/T Love What Matters)




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