Is This Massive, Ceiling-to-Floor Icicle From the Texas Storms?


In late February 2021, Texas skilled an unprecedented winter storm that disrupted the state’s electrical grid, leaving tens of millions without power throughout frigid chilly climate. Several disturbing photos from the blackout went viral on social media. One picture shared on a number of totally different Twitter accounts, nevertheless, had nothing to do with that energy outage, regardless of claims to the opposite:

The writer of the above tweet asserted this picture to be taken in Texas throughout the 2021 blackouts, however that is not possible. The picture utilized in that tweet has been on the web for years.

For instance, the picture seems in a January 2018 article on EbaumsWorld titled “36 Amusing Pictures That Will Destroy Your Boredom.” It could be discovered, as properly, in a December 2019 article about stopping frozen pipes on the web site of the firm Thompson Building Associates.

Because the photograph predates the Texas blackout by a number of years, on-line claims linking it to present occasions in Texas are “False.”