Ingrown hair removal: How to get rid of ingrown hairs – expert recommends treatment


Ingrown hairs seem as raised, purple, itchy spots on the pores and skin. Often you may see the hair trapped underneath the pores and skin. People with coarse or curly hair are extra doubtless to get ingrown hairs, they usually often seem in areas you shave, such because the face and neck, legs, armpits, chest and pubic hair.

“So keep the area clean and dry and avoid shaving there until it clears up.

“If, however, you have ingrown hair that recurs frequently, creates hyperpigmentation (particularly on the face), or feels like a deeper or worsening sore, consult with a skincare professional for treatment options.”

The NHS says you may ask a pharmacist about lotions and lotions to assist itching and having and hair elimination merchandise to assist forestall irritation.

A pharmacist may have the option to provide exfoliating merchandise to assist forestall ingrown hairs, or a gentle antiseptic to assist forestall an infection.


If the ingrown hair or space round it is rather painful, sizzling, purple or swollen, or your temperature could be very excessive, otherwise you really feel sizzling, shivery or very unwell, see a GP.

A GP might have the option to deal with ingrown hairs by releasing the hair utilizing a sterile needle or blade, or prescribing a steroid cream to assist swelling and irritation.

They may have the option to prescribe antibiotic cream or tablets to deal with an an infection.

The greatest means to forestall ingrown hairs could also be not shaving, however there are further issues you are able to do which will assist.

Wetting your pores and skin with heat water and utilizing shaving gel might assist, in accordance to the NHS, in addition to shaving within the course the hairs are rising.

Using an exfoliating scrub to assist launch any trapped hairs can also be beneficial, and holding a cool, moist fabric to the pores and skin after shaving to scale back irritation.

If you discover ingrown hairs seem after shaving, you might have considered trying to strive a special hair elimination methodology, corresponding to hair elimination cream.

An extended-time period means of eradicating hair to contemplate is laser treatment.

Avoid shaving too shut as leaving some stubble can cease micro organism getting in.

Also keep away from utilizing a blunt razor – you need to use a brand new, sharp, single-blade razor each time.

And don’t scratch, decide or squeeze ingrown hairs as they’ll harm pores and skin and lead to an an infection.

You may even see pus within the spots in case you have an contaminated ingrown hair and they are often painful.