I have seen Rahul Dravid angry, he had blasted MS Dhoni with a storm of English words: Virender Sehwag


Virender Sehwag has revealed an incident when Rahul Dravid had proven his anger — in actual life and never on digital camera.

Speaking concerning the latest TV commercial the place Rahul Dravid’s ‘anger issues’ are seen whereas he is caught in Bengaluru visitors, Sehwag, his former Indian teammate recalled an incident when Dravid had let free a volley of offended phrases to MS Dhoni, who had been a newcomer within the crew then.

Speaking on a Cricbuzz video, Sehwag tells Ashish Nehra: “I have seen Rahul Dravid get angry. When we were in Pakistan and MS Dhoni had been a newcomer, he played a shot and got caught at point. Dravid was very angry with MS Dhoni. ‘That’s the way you play? You should finish the game.’ I was myself taken aback by the storm of English from Dravid, I didn’t understand half of it.”

“But when MS Dhoni next came in to bat, I could see he was not hitting shots much. I went and asked him what was wrong. He said he did not want to be scolded by Dravid again. ‘I will finish the quietly and go back,’ Dhoni said,” Sehwag added.

Speaking earlier within the dialog, Sehwag confirmed the notion that Dhoni by no means answered cellphone calls. He mentioned that the BCCI secretary had given Dhoni a particular cellphone, which he was informed to reply as a result of of his official commitments, however that he continues to by no means reply his private cellphone.

Why has the Cred industrial with Rahul Dravid gone viral? The all the time affable Dravid laughing and shouting like a maniac, smashing rearview mirrors and throwing espresso, is a sensible play on his persona. The lower than 15 menacing seconds on-screen subverts expectations and public picture of the 48-year-old.

“It was very nice to see the feedback, that somewhere we’ve communicated the dark side of Rahul Dravid that doesn’t even exist!” Ayappa KM, who directed the industrial, informed The Indian Express.




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