I Found A Creative Way To Have A ‘Socially Distanced’ Valentine’s Shoot


We didn’t let social distancing cease us from a particular Valentine’s Day couple’s photoshoot!

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve been feeling touch-starved, so I bought just a little inventive and got here up with the right resolution! All is enjoyable and video games… till two suitors present up!

The story: One day, you meet somebody on-line who isn’t frightened of your whack concepts; the following minute, you’re in a park assembly for the primary time whereas tucking pool noodles in your shirts and flailing them round such as you’re the tube man outdoors a automobile dealership.

And to high it off, you discover out you reside solely like 7 minutes aside, and his work is correct down the road from the second property you keep at in one other city.

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If you don’t have a pic like this, are you even a pair?

Gazing lovingly into his eyes as his indifferent hand feels up my leg

He tried to masks his emotions for me, alas to no avail

Running in the direction of him in full elbow boob glory

His demonic shadow poetically displays his true nature… nevertheless, I’m so in love that I discover enjoyment in gathering his pink flags

Nothing says effort like stunning your lover with low-cost drugstore sweets you obtain on the checkout as an afterthought

He solely purchased them as a result of they had been on sale, however I’m too deep in denial to not be ecstatic

Enjoying face cuddles and praying I don’t have a latex allergy

We’re a stupendous rectangular noodle couple

Holding palms making an attempt to appear to be I don’t remorse carrying a gown that retains sliding greater and better up my thighs with no means to repair a possible wardrobe malfunction as a result of though these arms are horny as heck, they don’t seem to be very purposeful

Uh oh, what’s that over yonder?

Another suitor?

I might or might not have invited them each to this shoot with the expectation that neither would present up. Oops

Boys, boys, boys. No must struggle

Suitor #2 makes a transfer whereas a bunch of onlookers ponder contacting a psychiatric hospital

Uh oh

I already thought I was enlightened, however that is taking detachment to an entire new stage

Brandishing his new attractive set of arms (I could also be biased), Suitor #2 prepares to battle to the loss of life for my love. You know, like Twilight, besides as a substitute of vampires and werewolves, it’s a nerd and one other nerd

Delivering the deadly blow (Also, take a look at that bicep)

It’s a one-hit marvel

Suitor #2 lands a stunning victory

Stealing Suitor #1’s arms whereas suitor #2 lays my supportive palms on my shoulder

Walking straight into the hill, err, I imply, sundown with my new love




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