How to Sell Your Photos Online


Do you want to sell your images online for making the earning source? It is an exciting question for newcomers. Being a photographer, you can add additional income by selling your stock photos. You think that this task seems to be easy, but actually, it is not. Photography is a passion, and eventually, you were not an expert one; for that, you needed a long time experience, which made you a well-known photographer later. Can only the photographer earn money? A beautiful photograph has a great demand in the online sectors. Experts can easily make out the condition of the illustration. But, can beginners measure the situation?

If you desire decent money by selling your photos online, you can surely invest in carrying high-quality cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and other equipment. These give you capturing a high-quality image. Many agencies need a good number of unique photos but quality high for their perspective required.

Photography is a skillful job. If you know this work very deeply, you can earn better than an active earner. A few agencies will buy your precious images, but you have to properly maintain their terms and conditions. The photos you want to sell them that you have to do photo post-production activities perfectly, because if you do not do post-production of your images, you may not get handsome sales.

This article can help you to know the places where you can sell your photos online and add your additional income.

Best places to sell your photos online:

The Internet allows you to passive income if you take photography as a profession. Due to image banks and stocks’ creation, photography enthusiasts can sell images online while adding his/her income.

  • Your website
  • Blogging
  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • 500px
  • Etsy
  • Alamy
  • Depositphotos
  • iStockphoto
  • 123RF
  1. Your Website:

Your website could be the best channel for selling your photographs. To get better sell, you should enrich your website with beautiful images and styles. Try to show your best performance and set the right pricing. You have developed a popular platform like WordPress, which is suitable for control.

  1. Blogging:

In which way do you catch the customers to your website? Having an active blog can be the best hub for gaining more traffic. The posts you would like to share must be keywords based, which helps find your images fast on the different search engines. Additionally, a blog offers you to engage your customers with your good naming; the visitors remind you and follow your daily posts or weekly posts. If the visitors find your potentiality in you, they will become potential customers for you.

  1. Shutterstock:

Shutterstock is the most powerful host platform with more than 275 million images, clips, and royalty-free audio music. At least two million clients visit this platform every month. I often ask a professional photographer who my friend is, “How to sell your images?” He answers, “Shutterstock. Furthermore, this kind of platform takes care of your property and gives you to set the rights on your photos. It is an excellent sign of this company that they deserve your photo credit essential for your branding. Here, you have to pay 20%-30% of your monthly income in total.

  1. 500px

It is not only a stock images site, but also it is a kind contesting host platform. It is one of the best channels for selling photographs, and this is the platform where you can meet the other photographers and collaborate with them. The commission of this site is less than the other. You have to pay a 30%-60% total of your income.

  1. Etsy: 

Traders who are the producer of handmade products make this platform apart from others. Esty is a useful platform for selling and purchasing the product photos. However, it offers to sell both of the digital and printed copies of your photos. The quality picture has a high demand for this platform. It is not free; again, you have to pay 20 cents for each sale.

  1. Alamy:

Alamy is the largest platform where most of the professional photographers sell their photographs with a handsome income. However, it does not recommend you on your photography than capturing with DSLR or an equivalent type of camera. Additionally, it offers you to upload photos to sell online as long as it bears the quality.

  1. Adobe Stock:

Adobe Stock is a stock photography website which conducted by the developer of Photoshop and Lightroom. The previous name of this platform was Fotolia. It is regarded as the first website for remaining the marketplace for more than a decade that offers you to sell your precious photographs online. You have to pay a charge due to the average income.

  1. Depositphotos:

Apart from Shutterstock, this platform doesn’t recommend you share the high-quality images. For entering this site, you have to upload five tasks for your preliminary test. The professional photographers have a say to the newcomers about how to sell photos online. As it is cheaper than any other platform, you can earn more.

  1. iStockphoto:

This big website has been launched since 2001, and it is the best channel for selling the photos at a reasonable cost. If you are new to this platform, you have to pass a preliminary test. The member of this site offers a wide range of resources to increase your photography selling practices. Here, you can update your photography skill from photography networking forums. The discount that you will get for your photos ranges from 25% to 40%. If the customers follow their subscription plan, the commission may drop 15%.

  1. 123RF: 

It is one of the mountainous image selling platforms where1000000 photographs add each day. Additionally, this site is very wealthy, with more than 110 million photos. Due to your contribution to photography quality, you can earn30% to 30% for each image. If they chance to sell less than 1000 photographs, you can get 30% off sale. However, when it is about more than a thousand images, the commission will increase to 60% of the sale.

Final Thought:

Being an exciting hobby, you will become a professional photographer by leaving your sign in photography. Though selling photos online is an exciting matter, a significant number of photographers add additional income with this job. So why are you not selling your valued pictures online?

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