How to Make Needle Arrows in Valheim (& What They’re For)


Needle Arrows deal essentially the most prompt injury to summoned bosses and enemies in Valheim. Materials to craft them can solely be discovered in the Plains biome.

Fighting at vary with bows and arrows in Valheim is commonly one of many simpler and extra dependable methods to take out a wide range of enemies and creatures throughout the tenth Norse world, and, as gamers progress into tougher territory, they may want to craft stronger ammunition to sustain. There are 10 totally different sorts of arrow in Valheim thus far, all of which deal Pierce injury. Some of the stronger arrows additionally deal elemental injury, together with Fire, Frost, and Poison. The arrow with the strongest piercing injury, nonetheless, is the Needle Arrow, which gamers will not find a way to unlock till they attain the Plains biome.

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Needle Arrows are easy to craft and pack a large punch, dealing 62 Pierce injury and 15 Knockback. While Frost Arrows and Poison Arrows technically do extra injury, that injury happens over an extended time frame. Needle Arrows deal their injury immediately to finish encounters with varied creatures extra simply. Vikings in Valheim unlock the recipe for Needle Arrows the primary time they defeat a Deathsquito and accumulate their Needles. Deathsquitos will be troublesome to battle as a result of they’re small and quick, however as soon as gamers excellent the timing of their assaults, these critters will go down in a single hit. This is lucky, as a result of one or two direct hits from a Deathsquito will be sufficient to kill a participant. Here’s how to craft Needle Arrows and when to use them for greatest outcomes in Valheim.

Defeat Deathsquitos to Craft Needle Arrows in Valheim

A Deathsquito in Valheim

For this recipe, gamers will want to wait till they’ve reached Valheim’s Plains biome. This is often the final biome a participant will encounter, and it’s the solely location gamers can decide up Fuling Totems, that are used to summon the present closing boss, Yagluth. Because the Plains is such a high-level space, gamers are inspired to wait to set out for this biome till they’ve upgraded, high-level gear, together with the Wolf Armor set and Frostner or the Silver Sword.

Players will want to defeat Deathsquitos to unlock the crafting recipe for Needle Arrows and accumulate the Needles required to make them. It is best to battle Deathsquitos with a ranged weapon, and gamers can often handle to shoot and kill them as they fly straight towards the participant character to assault. They can even use a great defend to parry and take a look at to battle the Deathsquito with melee weapons as an alternative.

Defeated Deathsquitos are assured to drop not less than one Needle. To craft Needle Arrows, Vikings want:

A player aims a bow at a Deathsquito on the Plains in Valheim

They can get Feathers from Gulls, which will be killed with a bow or thrown spear primarily. They will also be looted from chests in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes, chests in Burial Chambers, and when chopping Beech timber.

Like most different specialty arrows, gamers can craft Needle Arrows at an upgraded, Level 4 Workbench. Each batch produces 20 Needle Arrows, and since these are the very best all-around arrows to have available in troublesome biomes, gamers ought to strive to craft as many as potential.

Needle Arrows might be helpful in opposition to most creatures throughout all biomes in Valheim, together with Fulings. Fulings in their varied courses have a tendency to assault in mobs on the Plains biome and obtain protecting boundaries that want to be destroyed earlier than the participant can start dealing injury. They will also be helpful when preventing Lox. Players might want to keep away from bringing Needle Arrows to a battle with Yagluth, nonetheless. Though it’s best to battle Yagluth at vary, he’s very resistant to Pierce injury. It is best to craft Frost Arrows or Silver Arrows to use in opposition to this specific boss.

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Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is on the market for PC.

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