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If you’re looking for a great way to make beautiful butterflies, here’s a fun idea for kids of all ages! This butterfly simple craft only requires three supplies and about 15-20 minutes of your time.

It’s the perfect spring craft (works as summer crafts too) and is a fun way to decorate your butterfly wall art. The best of all is how easy it is and that it’s lots of fun!

Let’s make some paper butterfly crafts!

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts With Paper

I love creative projects that don’t take too long to make! That’s why this simple butterfly craft became my and my kids’ favorites. We only needed square papers, scissors and a ribbon to make it.

This fun craft is ideal for older kids as it requires a bit of finger dexterity, but little kids can also help glue googly eyes or add their own details. Use these paper butterflies to decorate your wall and windows or simply celebrate spring!

Continue reading to the bottom of this post to get ideas for a different butterfly pattern.

Supplies needed to make a paper butterfly - A square piece of paper, a ribbon, a pair of scissors - Kids activities blog
Gather your supplies!

Supplies list

  • A square piece of paper
  • a ribbon
  • a pair of scissors

Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Easy Butterfly Craft With Paper

Paper butterfly craft - cut the piece of paper in two. from Kids Activities Blog
Start by cutting the paper in half.
Paper butterfly craft - step 1 - cut the piece of paper in two. from Kids Activities Blog
Here we’re showing the two halves in two colors.

Step 1

Cut the paper in half.

Paper butterfly craft - step 3 - cut the piece of paper in two. from Kids Activities Blog
Fold the left corners in!

Step 2

Take one half of the paper to make the top of the butterfly. Fold the left corners in until they meet in the middle.

Paper butterfly craft - fold right corners in -from Kids Activities Blog
Now repeat the steps!

Step 3

Repeat on the other side. Fold the right corners in until they meet in the middle.

Paper butterfly craft - step 6 - start accordion folding. - from Kids Activities Blog
Start accordion folding!

Step 4

The next step is starting an accordion style fold about half a centimeter.

Paper butterfly craft - step 6 - continue accordion folding it - from Kids Activities Blog
We’re almost done with the first set of wings.

Step 5

Continue accordion folding it until you’re finished.

Paper butterfly craft - step 8 - Turn it over - from Kids Activities Blog
Now turn it over.
Paper butterfly craft - step 8- fold in half  - from Kids Activities Blog
And then fold it in half.

Step 6

Flip it over and fold it in half. These will be the top butterfly wings.

Paper butterfly craft - step 9 - grab the second piece of paper to make another set of wings - from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make the bottom wings.

Step 7

To make the bottom wings, all you have to do is grab the other piece of paper, and accordion fold it along the shorter width of the piece of paper.

Paper butterfly craft - step 8 - accordion fold the second part- from Kids Activities Blog
Finish accordion folding it!

Step 8

Continue until you are done with accordion folding the bottom part too.

Paper butterfly craft - step 11 - fold it in half - from Kids Activities Blog
Fold it in half as well.

Step 9

Fold it in half again along the width so the wings end up smaller than the upper wings.

Paper butterfly craft - step 12 - tie the two halves together - from Kids Activities Blog
Tie the wings together!

Step 10

Tie both pieces of the butterfly body together in the middle of the wings with the ribbon. It’s starting to look like a butterfly shape!

Paper butterfly craft - step 13  - finished craft - from Kids Activities Blog
Now it’s time to display your beautiful butterfly craft!

Step 11

Make sure to tie the ribbon in the middle so it can double as the antenna. If you use wrapping ribbon, curl it!

Your cute paper butterfly craft is done!

3 finished paper butterfly crafts with different patterns and colors on top of a colored background. - Kids Activities Blog
There are so many colors to choose from!

Ideas To Make Your Own Paper Butterflies

We used origami paper with different colors on each side, but you can use regular printer paper, origami paper, tissue paper squares, construction paper, or wrapping paper with traced patterns or a beautiful decoration instead. This will make different wing patterns! For younger kids, we recommend using a pipe cleaner instead of ribbon.


Which colors did you pick to make this paper butterfly craft?



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