How to live longer: Avoid agave syrup, high dose vitamin supplements and granola


The significance of consuming a wholesome, balanced food plan is trotted out so usually it appears apparent by now. Packing your food plan stuffed with greens and slicing down on processed meat ought to elevate few eyebrows. However, sure dietary choices can appear wholesome on the floor, when in reality they’re compromising your lifespan.

As Lisa Simon, registered dietitian at Plant Based Health Online defined to, agave syrup falls into this lure.

Agave syrup (often known as agave nectar) is a naturally occurring sweetener related in consistency to honey.

According to Simon, this product is commonly marketed as a more healthy various to sugar and is commonly cited as being “diabetic-friendly” due to its low glycaemic index (a measure of the way it impacts blood glucose ranges).

“The reason for this is that roughly 85 percent of agave syrup is fructose and it does not have the same effect on blood glucose levels as sucrose (table sugar),” she stated.

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However, as Simon defined, solely the liver can effectively use fructose, and consuming giant quantities in its concentrated kind (this doesn’t embody entire fruit) can overload the liver, convert it to fats and elevate ldl cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that will contribute to insulin resistance, kind 2 diabetes, weight acquire, fatty liver and coronary heart illness.

What does Simon advocate as an alternative?

“If you are looking for a sweetener, better choices would be brown sugar, coconut sugar, date syrup, or maple syrup.”

As Simon identified, these are nonetheless all types of sugar and needs to be eaten carefully, however they don’t comprise concentrated fructose.

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