How to Find Motivation to Study During Quarantine

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we all knew it. People around the world are forced to stay indoors for weeks unending. Just like any quarantine, having restrictions on movement can take its toll. The hustle and bustle of studying on campus, the pressures of essay deadlines, and the fun of social activities are absent, and studying may seem impossible without them.

With over 300 million students forced to stop attending physical classes around the world, the lockdown has reformed systems of learning. There are now innovative means students around the world can continue to learn. College students can use a custom essay help online to help write their academic essays. There are dozens of applications that aid virtual presentations and online classes.

All of these do not change that most students are alone in their houses and rooms, without the company of things that make studying fun. Social distancing has made productivity levels drop and the motivation to learn with it.

So how can the inertia be overcome? How can you find the motivation to study in quarantine? Here are some tips that can help.

Clean Out and Organize Your Study Environment

Now that you are learning from home, you need to create a study space where you can handle everything academics. If you already have such, that’s great. If you do not get a desk might be a great place to start.

Carve out a space to put the desk; it could be your room, the basement, or the attic. You should pick a place that has a door and can be void of distractions.

Clean out the environment, and make space for easy movement and legroom. Create a place to keep your books and documents. Make it organized, and you can easily reach for any book without searching for ages. You may use a box or a crate, and you can also nail a shelf if you’ve got the resources.

The next step is to make your study desk clutter-free. Make enough room for your computer, a study lamp, and other tools that aid your study.

Whenever you are done with a book, always return them to the right place to ensure free space. A clustered study space could affect your emotions and interests in learning. Studying in a free and clean space would always help you feel good and enthusiastic to learn.

Set Goals and Routines

An easy way to keep up the motivation to study is to create a structure around learning. When you were learning physically on campus, you had a list of classes to attend in different locations, assignments to turn in, and other social plans.

Now that you are in quarantine, you can come up with something similar. You need to create studying goals to drive your studying. Be sure to set realistic goals. Though you are at home 24 hours a day, planning to study 12 hours daily is quite unrealistic.

Set goals that you can achieve. You could actively study for 4 hours daily. You can take it in batches of two hours each. You could also study for 25 minutes, take 5 minutes and repeat it as many times as possible. Include breaks, exercises, and screen time in your plans. When you set a difficult or impossible routine to sustain, you would end up losing motivation.

Draft out a list of things to do daily. Make the list as concise as possible, so don’t bore out fast. Ensure your list includes healthy eating and sleeping routines and exercises. Also, ensure to put things that can help you unwind and relax. Affirm the to-do list every night, so you wake up each day with a fixed plan that includes studying.

Reward Your Wins

This is very important to maintaining high levels of motivation when studying in a quarantine. This may sound strange, but you need to take breaks from studying when locked down at home or in quarantine.

When you have set goals and achieved them, you need to reward yourself. Understand that you are on the right track when you accomplish your study goals, and to sustain being there, do things that make you happy and get away from your books.

While there is a limitation to what you can do because your movement is restricted, you can still make the best out of whatever you have access to. You could take a long nap or binge-watch any television series you’ve always wanted to see. You could indulge yourself with a super-big bowl of ice cream or cakes.

Whatever makes you comfortable and happy, it is a well-deserved treat. It is acknowledging that you were able to stay focused and follow through on your study plans and other daily lists, and that kind of focus deserves to be rewarded. This would, in turn, leave you refreshed and primed for more study hours.


As a result of the disease outbreak, schools were shut down and students were forced to go back to their various homes. Students are faced with the challenge of self-study and working remotely for quite some time.

In times like this, focusing on research and classes is difficult for many, however, it’s normal to feel anxious, concerned, and worried about the future. In such a case, Students should make use of the above-mentioned strategies to stay motivated.

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