How to Find (& Defeat) Gorgon Of Dread in Immortals Fenyx Rising


Killing the 12 legendary creatures across the map of Immortals: Fenyx Rising like the Gorgon of Dread grants special phosphor skins to the players.

The Gorgon of Dread is one of the 12 legendary bosses that players can defeat in Immortals: Fenyx Rising to gain phosphor skins. Phosphor skins add special abilities with a piece of equipment the player can wear. The Gorgon of Dread in particular drops the Phosphor of Evilglare.

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The Phosphor of Evilglare’s ability grants the player a doppelganger that can explode. Upon explosion, it will freeze the enemies within its radius for up to 10 seconds. This would make a great ability for a player who is more focused on DPS or grabbing a good chunk of people at once. In particular, this would likely be the best for an archer or someone who is a supporting character.

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Where to Find the Gorgon of Dread in Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Before heading out for any of the battles with legendary monsters, players should be getting prepped for their fights. Stocking up on potions, pomegranate seeds, and upgrading their abilities and equipment as much as possible. However, that being said, players who are especially aggressive fighters shouldn’t have much trouble with this Gorgon. He’s not agile or quick by any means, but if his attacks go off they can be devastating.

This special, purple glowing Gorgon of Dread can be found off of the west coast of the Valley of the Eternal Spring. He’ll be on the center island that players can use their wings to quickly fly to. This island will be covered in pillars that the Gorgon circles within.

How to Destroy the Gorgon of Dread in Immortals: Fenyx Rising

The main aspect players should be looking out for is the Gorgon’s attack style. Unlike several of the other legendary monsters, the Gorgon is slow with heavy strikes. A dodge-heavy DPS character or super aggressive stunning playstyle should work well here. The main attacks players will need to look out for are pretty much the standard Gorgon attacks.

Sneaking up on the beast and getting a good first critical swipe in can easily lead to either heavily reducing or completely emptying his stamina bar. The biggest thing to focus on is stunning the beast and interrupting his stone vision attack. If the player falls prey to this attack, it will heavily undermine them or cause them to lose the fight entirely. Try to get in as many swings as possible after causing the Gorgon to collapse from an empty stamina bar. These hits will be automatic criticals and quickly end the fight.

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC.

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