High cholesterol: Pain in arm and chest indicates levels are too high and diet must change


High ldl cholesterol refers to there being an imbalance of fine and dangerous ldl cholesterol, with the scales weighed down by the latter. This is as a result of ldl cholesterol can construct up in the artery wall, limiting the blood stream to your coronary heart, mind and the remainder of your physique.

A high stage of ldl cholesterol in the blood does not have apparent signs, however it may possibly enhance your danger for situations that do have signs, together with angina attributable to coronary heart illness, high blood strain, stroke, and different circulatory illnesses.

If you detect tender, yellowish pores and skin growths on your self or in your kids, ask about being examined for high ldl cholesterol.

You must also contact your physician in case you develop signs of coronary heart illness, stroke, or atherosclerosis in different blood vessels, akin to left-sided chest ache, strain, or fullness; dizziness; unsteady gait; slurred speech; or ache in the decrease legs.

Any of those situations could also be related to high ldl cholesterol, and every requires fast medical intervention.

Dietician Helen Bond stated: “Cholesterol can change quite quickly, which is why exercise and eating healthy should be embedded into your everyday routine.

“But we’re talking a few weeks, rather than days – the odd meal or day where you eat a bit more than usual (including too much saturated fat) won’t make a difference to your cholesterol levels in the long run, but if your healthy eating and exercise habits have totally gone out the window during the lockdown, this could have a big impact on your cholesterol levels and your weight.

“Therefore, if your habits have changed over lockdown, now’s the time to reinstate healthy eating habits and get daily exercise (within UK Government guidelines to stay active and stay safe) before those new overindulgences become a habit that’s hard to break.”




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