Here are the Auspicious Days and Time for Namkaran in March


Namkaran Ceremony is considered one of the 16 sanskars in the Hindu faith. It is carried out to call the new child child. There is a convention of namkaran the place the first letter of the identify is set as per the new child’s delivery time, rashi, nakshatra and the motion of celestial our bodies. It is believed that the identify has a higher influence on the baby.

In Hindu astrology, Namkaran is predicated on Swar Siddhanta, which is believed to provide optimistic outcomes duringthe progress and growth of the baby. The commonest apply to call the new child is predicated on the place of the moon at the time of his/her delivery.

Swar Siddhanta is given vital significance in Vedic Astrology as it’s believed that deities are propitiated with the energy of swar. Even all the Vedic Mantras are based mostly on Swar Siddhanta. Hindus comply with the zodiac signal, delivery nakshatra, and pada to call the baby.

There are 27 nakshatra and every nakshatra is split into 4 components, which are generally known as pada. The initials of the identify depend on the padas and nakshatras.

Namkaran is carried out at auspicious muhurats solely as dad and mom need to ensure that are baby have a brighter future and he/she should avoid all doshas. A reputation determines the baby’s id and stays part of him till his dying and therefore, the namakaran is carried out at auspicious muhurat, relying on the nakshatra, tithis, yoga and karan.

The naming ceremony is normally carried out on the tenth, eleventh, twelfth or sixteenth day from the delivery. Here are the auspicious muhurats to carry out Namkaran for the baby who’s going to born this month.

The auspicious muhurat for naming ceremony begins on March 14, the Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi of Phalgun Maas.

Here are the dates and auspicious timeframes to carry out namkaran for a new child:

March 14: 06:32 am -08:32 pm

March 15: 06:31 am -08:31 pm

March 19: 01:44 pm – 08:26 pm

March 21: 06:24 am – 01:24 pm

March 24: 06:21 am – 11:13 pm

March 28: 06:16 am – 08:16 pm

March 29: 06:15 am – 08:15 pm




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