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I’m not a twin however have similar twins. One yr, one in all them acquired drained throughout a purchasing journey for varsity garments. She mentioned to her sister, “Try this on. I want to see how it looks on me.”

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I can unlock his telephone with facial recognition and ship silly messages to different folks from it.

Edit: we’re 37

Edit 2: wow thanks for all of the awards, who knew being a jerk to your brother might repay?

Phone was a Pixel 4 and sure Facebook confuses the 2 of us when it means that we could also be in a photograph

Edit 3: For all of you who requested, no the finger print scan doesn’t work.

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I’ve a twin brother. The benefit is all the time having some one to speak to. No matter how good or shitty our days had been we’re there for one another.

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Am a twin. (If you are studying this twin brother-hi!)

Inside jokes. My twin brother and I’ve so many inside jokes even now at 30 years outdated. And the most effective half is our minds work alike that we solely must say one or two phrases and the opposite one is busting up laughing. Our different brothers and every of our wives take a look at us like we’re nuts however most individuals do not get it. There’s a connection there that ordinary siblings simply cannot have.

He was my first roommate in any case.

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My dad is pals with similar twins and he informed me this joke. He was with them at an open home for his or her aero membership (my dad and the 2 twins are all pilots and had been supporting the occasion). Someone was actually curious and requested the twins if there was any fact to the tales about twin telepathy (the place twins have some type of psychic connection). They had been each quiet for a couple of moments and it began to get uncomfortable. The man appeared just a little embarrassed and mentioned one thing alongside the traces that he was simply curious and it was a foolish query. One of the twins appeared him within the eyes and mentioned, “Oh it’s not a problem, we were just discussing how we were going to answer.” There was a second of confusion on the person’s face and the twins busted out laughing saying they’d been ready for a chance to strive that joke out.

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I’ve a twin brother however we by no means did a switcheroo or something. It’s in all probability rather more mundane than folks suppose. To me he’s simply my brother. One great point although is I don’t must attempt to keep in mind the names of random acquaintances as a result of nobody remembers ‘which one’ I’m.

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Yep, this. There was ONE time once I had my brother’s ID so I might decide up a meals order he’d paid for along with his bank card over the telephone, however they didn’t even ask to see it once I acquired there.

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I used to be good pals with similar twins in school. My favourite story with them was one night time on the bar, one in all them was hooking up with a woman, and walked away to both go to the lavatory or get a drink or one thing. At that very second, his brother confirmed up and walked into the bar, and the woman simply grabbed him and began kissing him. The look of shock/happiness on his face was hilarious.

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my twin and that i used to modify courses to take exams for one another in center and highschool. it was fairly enjoyable, however we began to vary in seems to be as we acquired older so it in all probability wouldn’t work anymore lol. though, our voices nonetheless sound precisely the identical, so we will typically trick our dad and mom on the telephone and stuff like that. additionally not making an attempt to say we now have telepathy, however once you spend actually each waking second of your life collectively, we will all the time type of know what one another is considering. it’s like we’ve developed our personal language

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I make completely each mundane process right into a two-man job if I can. No matter how simple it will be to do alone, if I can rope my brother in, I do.

Grocery purchasing, dishes, mowing, cleaning- regardless of the job, I ask that he pitches in or makes me pitch in if he began the job.

I all the time embody him with my pals and social obligations when attainable. Same goes for him with me.

I all the time embody him in each co-op recreation when attainable, we attempt to sort out each recreation collectively.

I all the time search his enter on writing, on jokes, relationships, work, musical discoveries.

The cumulative impact is, completely the whole lot is simpler. I all the time have somebody in my nook, somebody who cares, my finest buddy is all the time there for me and he brightens up each second of my life. I couldn’t ask for something extra.

Love you Jim.

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Not me, however my brothers. Not similar, however fairly shut. Names modified to guard the responsible.

When they had been younger, 16 or 17, Bob was out driving and acquired pulled over for dashing. He solely had a pair factors left on his license, so he mentioned he forgot his license at residence, and gave the cop Jack’s identify. Cop goes, pulls up the file, provides ‘Jack’ his ticket and off they go.

Being an excellent bro, Bob informed Jack, and naturally paid the ticket. Warned him he higher watch out as a result of now he solely has a pair factors left on his license too.

Funniest a part of the story. Bob is now a police officer!

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I do know of a pair of twins, and after they had been youthful they developed their “own way of speaking”. Not with totally different phrases and phrases, however they meshed their phrases in such a approach that they are obscure. They have a sibling who’s in a position to perceive most of what they’re saying, however is “not fluent”, so to talk.

Around different folks their phrases do not mesh, however round one another they revert again to their speech patterns.

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In my highschool there was an unusually excessive variety of twins. As in, minimal 3 units of twins per 90-person class. One class had 6 units.

A widespread prank was for twins to “switch” courses for a interval or day. Most of the time the lecturers caught them (they had been very used to it), however there have been two brothers that all the time acquired away with it. They had been simply too similar in seems to be, voice, and mannerisms. One of these guys had a crush on me and to this present day, I nonetheless do not know which one it was lol.

All the twins acquired a particular group photograph within the yearbook yearly, too.

Edit: I’ll handle some widespread questions right here:

This was in poor, rural West Michigan. Very few people in the entire county might afford IVF, so I do not suppose that is a lot of an element.

By “90-person class,” I imply grade. Like ninth, tenth, eleventh grade, and so forth. This was a median grade measurement for that prime faculty (the most important within the county). Again, rural Michigan.

To the parents saying I ought to have given it a shot with one of many twins and brought that fifty% probability of getting it proper, you are giving a variety of credit score to highschool SassiestPants.

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It’s exhausting to speak about “taking advantage” of being a twin as a result of there aren’t actually alternatives to do this. I assume folks consider the films the place you do pranks and trick folks into considering there is only one of you or one thing however actual life isn’t actually like that since even similar twins all the time look distinguishable to individuals who know them. One cool factor about having a twin is you’re in the identical courses collectively so in case you are the irresponsible one and don’t keep in mind what the homework is your twin in all probability remembers. Also you’ll be able to have a wider buddy group. But that’s all I can consider actually.

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Twin right here. This questions solutions differ vastly based mostly on in the event that they’re similar or fraternal. My twin brother and I are fraternal so the primary benefit was all the time having one thing to do with somebody. We are very totally different personally, so it was extra akin to a life lengthy finest buddy than having a replica of myself strolling round.

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I’ve a twin! I’m a girl, and he is a person, and by far the most typical query I get if I inform somebody I’ve a twin brother is “are you identical?” So, I’d say the best benefit is alerting me to individuals who do not suppose earlier than they converse.

No actually, now that we’re adults, we’re extra like shut siblings than something, and we each lead lives in numerous professions in numerous states. But after we had been children, I’d say the most important benefit to having a twin is all the time having a buddy and never being alone when the world is frightening to just a little child. When I see pals posting footage of “little X’s first day of preschool!” my response is all the time “oh my God, you’re sending that three year old into the world alone?!” after which I keep in mind most of you poor sods had do do it on their lonesome, even when it was scary, and it was so good that we all the time knew we had a buddy. 🙂

We really opted to be collectively in courses till third grade regardless of protests from the college, after which we tried totally different courses, and from sixth grade we had been in numerous colleges altogether. So not like we had been joined on the hip for all times, only for these childhood.

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Identical twin right here. Some “twin-isms” that I’ve taken benefit of:

One time I could not discover my driver’s license so I used my similar twin brother’s. Who would know higher?

In highschool, my brother’s girlfriend got here as much as me and began rubbing my again. Lucky for her, she figured it out in time…

My twin and I did the identical diploma in school, so having a “built-in” research accomplice/group member was extremely advantageous.

Even our household has a tough time telling us aside on the telephone, so it is easy to impersonate one another with or with out caller ID.

On the flipside, there are some caveats to being a twin:

In highschool, my twin and I labored on a undertaking for a similar class utterly independently of one another. However, the top merchandise had been so comparable that the instructor made us redo all the factor, regardless of completely zero collusion.

My twin and I are extraordinarily shut and love being twins (it is all we all know), however being referred to with one another consistently (e.g. “the twins” or “the last_name twins”) has in some methods amplified our wish to have distinctive identities. Wouldn’t commerce being a twin for something on this planet, although!

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Was in Vegas with twins and one had her pockets stolen. How to get through TSA on the airport to get again residence? I went through safety with one twin, took her ID again out to the non safe space, went again through safety with twin 2.

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I’m half of an similar twin. We by no means actually did something with this reality BUT we agreed to not donate any organs or stuff in case the opposite one wants it (organs which you’ll donate and hold residing). No search or ready listing for these type of organs since I’ve acquired my twin. We additionally produce other medical search benefits

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My grandfather was one in all a set of twins, and so they had been each within the navy collectively. Didn’t get an opportunity to ask him as a result of he died once I was younger, however apparently he sucked at swimming and his brother did not, so his brother would take his swim exams for him.

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Super naughty, but when we had a historical past check protecting two chapters, I’d learn one chapter and he would learn the opposite chapter. In the center of the check, I’d rise up to sharpen my pencil, and he would go ask the instructor a query, and we’d then sit on the others desk and full the check. We are similar and the instructor couldn’t inform us aside so we by no means acquired busted.

We each for 5s on the AP check so it clearly didn’t have an effect on our studying an excessive amount of. And no, we didn’t do that on the AP check.

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My twin brother is into shopping for good modern garments. I’m not. They finally find yourself in my wardrobe when he will get new stuff, similar measurement matches all!

We might additionally pool assets and purchase pals/household a lot greater presents at Christmas than a standard current, from the each of us.

We labored in the identical restaurant for a very long time and would consistently ship one another in to do one another’s shifts if we wanted a break day, mainly determined our personal timetable to an extent, boss did not care so long as one in all us confirmed up.

As children we might have an extended pre-arranged listing of numbers in our heads if somebody requested about twin telepathy, “twin telepathy?! Never heard of it, maybe if I say a number in your ear and you ask my brother what it was”. Never actually labored…

When we went to totally different universities (in the identical metropolis), it was practically the primary time we had vital totally different teams of pals. Having a classmate ask me “why did you ignore me on the street the other day?!” grew to become a daily prevalence!

No pranks or something, simply mundane utilitarian issues……

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Identical twin right here. To be trustworthy I want I’d performed extra with it rising up however it has come in useful. For instance, when visiting my brother at his school I acquired approached by a random man at a bar/social gathering who requested if I used to be prepared for that drink he owed me. Yes please! On the topic of events, one draw back of being a twin that I haven’t seen talked about is the bizarre close to out of physique expertise of seeing your twin wanting like a idiot as they’re busting strikes on the dance ground and considering to your self “oh god is that what I look like”? It genuinely makes me so self aware/is an absolute vibe killer.

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One yr in center faculty, I ran the mile for my twin sister in gymnasium class. She didn’t wish to run and I didn’t thoughts going once more. We swapped outfits after my first mile and I went again out pretending to be her. I keep in mind worrying that the gymnasium instructor would discover and we’d get in hassle however they by no means seen.

Also, borrowing something from her closet is all the time good.

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I’ve a twin sister. We went to the identical faculty, totally different courses. Sometimes we might wish to repeat a category as a result of we felt it obligatory for a recap, and so would simply swap with one another as our schedules had been totally different . For instance if my sister needed to repeat a language class, she would verify with me on my schedule and I’d enable her to make use of my language lesson if I felt I didn’t want it. Or if I didn’t really feel like doing PE that day my sister wouldn’t thoughts placing on her sport garments and pretending to be me . It was fairly helpful, like a get out of jail free card. The finest situation was if one in all us was late to point out as much as a gathering. One time I needed to current to be her for one in all her society conferences in college as she was out of city and forgot about it. She simply briefed me on what to do and it went so properly it was hilarious. You can really feel like a double agent

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My brothers are twins and the one factor I keep in mind them speaking about that they took benefit of is one twin would take spankings for the opposite twin.

One of my brothers is a marine, whose all the time been fairly “tough” I assume you’d say. And the opposite brother is a really female man who will get very emotional and wouldnt take a punishment simply. He’s homosexual, though I’m not saying it’s as a result of he’s homosexual that he’s like that it’s simply who he’s.

So mainly, the primary brother informed me after we had been children he would all the time take spankings for his brother as a result of getting spanked solely harm for a second and didn’t actually trouble him and it will save our “weaker” brother from having to endure one thing that may severely impact him.

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Damn there are only a few really upvoted tales from first hand twins. Some of them are simply plain boring. This might be too late. But listed here are a few of mine:

Grade faculty. I took science interval 1 and my brother had it interval 2. I took a check and on the finish the instructor goes over the solutions. I took the check, walked out of sophistication switched my sweater and walked again in to ace the check for my brother.

Multiple occasions i’ve forgotten my ID for bars or w/e. We recurrently simply had one another our ID’s to get passes.

It’s come in useful after we had been making movies in HS. We utilized the flexibility to make it seem like 1 individual enjoying 2 folks.

I’ve switched courses in Highschool to ask a woman out for my brother. Didn’t actually work, and i used to be compelled to take his class all week to persuade the instructor we did not change.

Had an ongoing guess with my Physics instructor that we might change on him with out him noticing. If we succeeded I’d get an A on the ultimate. So for months i might are available appearing confused the place I sat and type of simply made it appear regular. On the day we had been TAKING the ultimate, we switched. It’s simple. Everyone just isn’t interacting it’s face down taking a look at a scantron. He stuffed out the scantron along with his identify, and turned it in. Moments later i walked in being like “God damn it you took my test!”. Got an A.


Fun one for all. I actually don’t have any clue which one i’m recurrently in outdated images and movies. It may very well be the worlds most harmful ingesting recreation. Old residence movies and nobody within the household is aware of and kinda simply guesses till somebody within the video shouts our identify. Old images i’ve gotten confused, even of me in highschool. Probably not one thing talked about a lot.

My brother did put up an excellent story beneath. Where my on the time fiance acquired like creep footage of my brother on a date. She thought she busted extensive open a dishonest scandal

You additionally get fairly fortunate so far as healthcare. Turns out we acquired the identical issues.

So downsides? Our fico experiences have been a continuing headache when shopping for homes.

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I’ve a twin brother (I’m a woman) and it sucked. We went to the identical class for 8 years and shared the identical bed room, shared the identical pals and had been all the time in contrast. I all the time wished we had been one yr aside in order that we didn’t must see one another 24 hours a day. When it’s 2 boys or 2 women it’s totally different. Those 8 years had been hell. He was all the time imply to me, hit me, wouldn’t let me hang around with “his” pals although we had been all in the identical class… We are 22 now. I don’t suppose there’s a single benefit in my case (that doesn’t imply it’s dangerous). We’re grown up now. The downside was that they made us go to the identical class and that made us develop aside. When you’re compelled to do one thing, you wish to do this much less. They shouldn’t have compelled us.

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My twin brother and I grew up with a love of pranks and wonderful poker faces. Hilarity ensued.

We as soon as satisfied somebody at college that we had been cousins that occurred to look alike (wanting again he in all probability thought our dad was messing round…)

We satisfied somebody in school that we had by no means met earlier than orientation and had been randomly assigned to the identical room (kinda just like Parent Trap)

We turned in one another’s papers and sat in on courses when the opposite was sick

For a yr, I pretended to be my brother as a result of I used to be too shy to confess we had been twins. We’d meet up after courses and swap tales of how one another’s pals had been doing, and that’s how we stored up with our pals at college till I lastly broke the information in sophomore yr ????

music-in-my-head Report

My brother and I swapped at some point in center faculty when the instructor stepped out for a minute. At the top of the category, each one in all our classmates had been dying laughing and he or she refused to consider each single individual within the room after they informed her what was so humorous.

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Taught a set of triplets, two of which had been similar. One was a jerk, actually stole a child’s cash in entrance of his pals and walked off to purchase ice cream with it. When caught out, he tried to assert his dad and mom gave it to him when each his brothers denied getting any ice cream cash. The different similar was as candy as may very well be, very delicate and all the time needed to assist. Nice triplet all the time acquired yelled at till somebody found out they acquired the flawed one. Poor child all the time ended up crying over it, whereas his triplet shrugged and went off to go break guidelines in no matter space he hadn’t been kicked out of.

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(English isnt my native language so there could also be errors)

I really feel like he understands me in a approach nobody does. I will not go discuss to him about stuff as I’d to my finest buddy, but he all the time is aware of when I’m upset and easy methods to cheer me up and make me chuckle.

We have every others backs it doesn’t matter what, which actually helped us deal with emotional abuse/ neglect from our dad and mom. We all the time had somebody who will get and understands the opposite on a special degree.

Also type of unrelated however is by some means: (Pre covid) me and my brother love films, we used to go along with pals to the premiere of any film we thought we wish and be capable to keep away from spoilers and what not.

One time my twins pals cancelled on him final second so he went with me and it grew to become a practice. We love watching stuff collectively and nerding over films.

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Ultimately it is a lot simpler to faux to be the opposite individual. Advantages my twin and I my twin have performed: I’ve used his driving licence to drive. He has used my ID to get into golf equipment he was banned from. We can decide up every others parcels and take every others exams. When I acquired an damage throughout a sporting match I’d sneak off, swop gear and he would play for me. As we acquired older we performed pranks one another pals to see how lengthy it will take for them to understand.

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I’ve an Identical twin brother. Basically any time there’s a “one per person” restrict, I get a second time by way of with a special sweatshirt. If they are saying I’ve already gone by way of, I simply say I’ve a twin brother and discuss how loopy it’s that we each went although there with out realizing it and present them an image or two of us.

Also a bonus for all locations that give freebies for birthdays, I get two free objects or orders if he’s out of city or isn’t planning on going to that place

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I as soon as acquired misplaced on the seaside.. Mom took my twin and walked round asking folks in the event that they noticed somebody who seems to be similar to her

I consider my dad and mom are those who took benefit of the twins factor.. Always getting reductions and such

Fun Fact:

For some purpose individuals are impressed by similar twins.. They’ll normally hand out candies and stuff simply trigger we appeared so cute in our matching outfits

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Mainly enjoying in bands actually helped. I performed guitar and he performed drums. We synced collectively very well and had been in a position to write some cool stuff collectively. Being a twin is superior since you’ll ceaselessly have their again and so they’ll all the time do the identical for you. Also it was simple to confront different folks about grievances due to the quantity of occasions you confronted one another.

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This might get misplaced within the 1000s of responses however it was so particular, and one thing I didn’t understand till late in my grownup life: we all the time had a ‘built in best friend’. I by no means needed to fear about having somebody to sit down with me within the lunch room, by no means pressured about attending a brand new faculty; going to summer time camp or a brand new atmosphere wasn’t as hectic as so many introverted youngsters(and we’re each introverts). We are each on the autism spectrum however by no means acquired identified as youngsters bc we had been one another’s coping mechanisms. Having a reference to one another hid the very fact we weren’t nice at social norms with others. We all the time had somebody to do faculty work with and excelled academically by serving to one another. Looking again we had extra confidence than lots of our friends bc we had safety in one another. To this present day we’ve by no means replicated the connection we now have with different folks, although we each have completely happy fulfilling marriages with superb companions. The benefit is somebody who completely understands you and what that does on your confidence, psyche, and perseverance in life.

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I visited my similar twin brother at his school the place a variety of his ground did not know he was a twin. That night time he had some folks over in his residence and I hid within the bed room.

Note, he has a beard and I do not.

While they had been hanging out (and me hiding), he pronounces to the group that he is bored with his beard and is gonna shave it off, so he escapes to the bed room the place I’m hiding as if to shave. We change garments and I stroll again out to the group with my naked face. Everyone takes be aware and, whereas it is typically an uncommon factor to do at a celebration, no person thinks a lot of it.

After a bit I announce, “ya know, I kinda miss my beard. I think I’m gonna grow it back”. At which level I’m going to the opposite room the place my bearded twin was hiding. We change garments again and he walks again out to the group instantly re-bearded. People misplaced their freaking minds.

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