Hackers target water treatment facility in US, increase chemical concentration to dangerous levels


In a scary incident, hackers focused a water treatment facility in Florida, US and altered chemical levels on the water provide to Oldsmar metropolis. This is regarding, as hackers till now had been largely after passwords, cash and different varieties of cyber assault. But this incident highlights that hackers, if they need, could make a complete metropolis sick by contaminating water by altering laptop programs remotely.
As per a report by the Tampa Bay Times, hackers obtained entry to computer systems controlling the chemical levels of the water treatment facility and elevated the extent of Sodium Hydroxide. Thankfully, an alert supervisor was in a position to monitor the sudden change and revert the modifications constructed from outdoors.
Sodium Hydroxide is used to keep the acidity stage of water. It is similar compound used in lavatory and kitchen cleansing options. In extra, Sodium Hydroxide could cause irreparable hurt to the human physique.

No particular person was injured due to the incident and different cities in the US are on excessive alert. Earlier, a water utility facility was focused by Russian hackers in November 2020 in Illinois.
Explaining the breach, the Tampa Bay Times reported, “A plant operator was monitoring the system at about 8 a.m. Friday and noticed that someone briefly accessed it. He didn’t find this unusual, Gualtieri said, because his supervisor remotely accessed the system regularly.”
But what led to the suspicion was the sudden increase in sodium hydroxide levels later that day. “At about 1:30 p.m. the same day, Gualtieri said, someone accessed the system again. This time, he said, the operator watched as someone took control of the mouse, directed it to the software that controls water treatment, worked inside it for three to five minutes and increased the amount of sodium hydroxide from 100 parts per million to 11,100 parts per million,” the report added.