GTA V Actors Recreate One Of The Game’s Most Iconic Memes In Live Action


When Grand Theft Auto V released in 2013, Lamar’s “yee yee ass haircut” roast became a hit, catching on with gamers as an expression of disgust. In 2020, the meme was revived when people started remixing the scene, replacing Lamar with fictional characters ranging from Spongebob to Darth Vader. Now, the meme has reached its peak form, with the original voice actors from the game reuniting to recreate it in person.

The video stars GTA 5 actors Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno (who provided both voice and motion capture for their characters) acting out the scene with impressive attention to detail. After it was uploaded by YouTube channel PlayStation Haven it racked up almost 2.5 million views in under 24 hours, proving the meme is still alive and well. The meme has a page on Know Your Meme, as well as an Urban Dictionary definition of “yee yee ass”.

The new video was made to promote an upcoming webseries from PlayStation Haven called GTA V Real-Life Comparisons. The series, hosted by Slink Johnson, compares GTA’s setting Los Santos to its real-world inspiration, the city of Los Angeles.

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