Genshin Impact – A Daily Resin Refill Pass Could Be Coming Soon


PS4 and PS5 Genshin Impact players spotted on the Chinese PSN an Original Resin pass, refilling 40 Resin daily for a month.

It looks like miHoYo could release a new Original Resin pass in Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch), lasting one month, with 40 Resin refilled daily, and 60 Resin refilled on purchase. The pass would be 5$.

Here’s what happened. As reported by Twitter user  @AeEntropy, a Genshin Impact daily resin refill pass was spotted on the Chinese PlayStation Store. The pass was later removed from the PSN, and miHoYo did not officially announce anything yet. DualShockers contacted the developer of Genshin Impact regarding this Resin refill pass and we’ll publish a follow-up once we get an answer.

What’s Original Resin in Genshin Impact?

Original Resin is the Stamina system of Genshin Impact. Stamina is a thing in nearly every gacha game, and basically limits the players’ play time per day. Limiting the amount of times you can run dungeons or fight bosses for example. In Genshin Impact, you only pay Resin to acquire loot, meaning you can still fight bosses for fun, test things out, take screenshots, etc.

Original Resin recharges over time, with one Resin every eight minutes. So you can’t farm indefinitely, unless you pay up. It’s frustrating on purpose, and many Genshin Impact players regularly complain about it, but that’s just the way it is.

With that said, the original cap for Resin in the Closed Beta Test, and when Genshin Impact launched September 28, was 120. However, miHoYo increased the Original Resin cap to 160 with the Ver 1.1 update on November 11. In addition, while a handful of the English player base complained about miHoYo only caring for Chinese players, we demonstrated how it’s highly likely miHoYo took this decision following English players’ feedback.

In any case, if the Resin pass turns out real, looks like miHoYo is adding yet another aid for those who can’t stand the Resin system. But this time, players will have to spend some cash.

There are several in-game elements hinting a Resin pass is coming in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact already has two monthly passes. The first one, Blessing of the Welkin Moon, is around $5, and grants players 90 Primogems a day. Primogem is the gacha currency of Genshin Impact, one roll is 160 Primos. This Blessing of the Welkin Moon is the only thing sold on the “Recommended” page of the cash shop, despite the menu being designed for more. Meaning more offers could come, like a Resin refill pass.

The other monthly pass is the Battle pass. The Battle Pass distributes rewards to players as they clear specific objectives. You have the Gnostic Hymn, which boosts these rewards. And the Gnostic Chorus, which gives you ten levels of rewards, and a dozen of resin refill items called Fragile Resins. In any case, the fact in itself that there are already two monthly passes means more could be coming.

Lastly, right now, for players who don’t wish to wait, there are only two ways to recharge Original Resin. The first one is spending Primogems, which is an awfully inefficient way to use the currency. That is, unless you’ve evolved and surpassed the limits of whales, turning into the Leviathan itself. Earning a monthly wage several times higher than a game journalist’s, allowing one to dilapidate cash on Genshin the way Yukino Miyazawa would if she never met Harima in Kare Kano.

The second method is by spending rare items: the aforementioned Fragile Resins. There is a limited quantity of Fragile Resins in all of Genshin Impact. You only get some when your Adventurer Rank levels up. They’re extremely valuable. I personally only started using a few after hitting AR 50.

In consequence, a Resin refill pass would be a much more efficient alternative for impatient players.

That’s all you need to know.

Genshin Impact – Ganyu Character Demo

Personally speaking, rather than more Resin, I wish we had the opportunity to reroll substats on artifacts. I’ve grown tired of debates regarding the five star drop rate or the Resin. Sure, both systems could definitely be improved, and I’m not defending them, but that’s how games with gacha elements are. I’d rather see a better Artifacts system, or new content that isn’t “kill things fast”. Dragonspine was incredibly well designed and I hope future content will be just as fun to explore too.

Rerolling Artifacts substats will probably be a thing at some point, and it might be behind a paywall. But that’s just a guess of mine. In any case, in my book, a Resin monthly pass just means you’ll get more Def% Artifacts a week. With zero content to use them for, as only DPS matters.

miHoYo has just released “Plenilune Gaze” Ganyu in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check our quick guide on how to build her. If you’d like a more action-oriented look, check out Ganyu’s Character Demo video. The Ganyu gacha banner Ganyu lasts till February 2, 2021, if you wish to pull her.

February 2021 will also mark the launch of Genshin Version 1.3, with perhaps new information on currently unobtainable characters, such as Rosaria the nun. Perhaps we’ll hear about some of the Fatui Harbingers, such as Scaramouche.

With Ver 1.3, miHoYo will moreover boost Geo characters such as fan-favorite Zhongli ,with several improvements. These changes are not final yet, but shall be published before Ver 1.3 goes live.

A live stream for the next big Genshin Impact update is held each month. miHoYo should soon announce the upcoming stream for Version 1.3.

Lastly, miHoYo will add the Inazuma region at some point, but we still have no official word regarding when this will happen. However, the New Years 2021 illustration of Genshin Impact teased Inazuma, and its key character Ayaka Kamisato.




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