Fox My Box unveils ‘Kitsun- the Fox PC’ at Rs 12 lakh


Fox My Box, a player in professional customization for consumer durables has launched ‘Kitsun- the Fox PC’. It is a custom-built PC cabinet targeted primarily at PC modding community, gamers and performance PC enthusiasts in India.
Taiwan-based manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware Gigabyte has provided components for the PC; Studio 34, the automotive design studio, visualized and mapped out the design and aesthetics.
Speaking on the project, Ankush Khera, founder & CEO Fox My Box, said, “I deeply feel that the Kitsun has the potential to revolutionise the professional modding industry in India by enabling people to re-imagine PC cabinets more vividly and come up with tangible solutions for those who want something unusual and extraordinary than what is available in the market, stitched to their specific needs, demands and aspirations. This can be in scope of custom cabinets, custom paint jobs, and custom shapes of the cabinet and so on.”
Kitsun, the Fox PC runs on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X, based on Zen 2 Architecture with a base frequency of 3.8GHZ which goes all the way up to 4.5+ GHZ. It houses a Gigabyte 64GB RAM which can go up to 256GB, 3600 Mhz, Gigabyte AMD 5700 XT GPU, Aorus 850Watt power supply, 360mm Custom liquid cooling, Aorus 1TB gen4 SSD, and TRX40 Aorus Pro WIFI motherboard. Kitsun is available at Rs 12 lakh (without the hardware).
Built for 4d motion and rendering , the PC hosts a graphic card that is run by joining two riser cables. For system cooling, Kitsun runs a custom loop with a 360mm radiator. It uses a BYKSKI waterblock and a radiator to control peak temperature of around 50 to 52 Degrees at 100% load.
“Every mod that has been done till now by market players was just around the cabinet or doing some custom acrylic artwork but no one in India has ever created a case from scratch and have the support from premier global brands to produce something out of the box, ” he added.




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