Fortnite Gnome Guide: Where To Find Gnomes At Each Named Location


Fortnite Season 5 has new daily challenges that are a bit harder than usual. These challenges will send you to different named locations where you’ll need to track down a handful of Gnomes. They take time if you don’t know where to look. This guide will help you through each challenge.

The challenges are listed as “Find Gnomes in Sweaty Sands,” although the named location will change from day to day based on what challenges you complete. A regular weekly challenge also involved finding gnomes, but these challenges are different. Gnomes will be found sitting on piles of dirt with a bright blue glow around them. You’ll be able to interact with them once you are close enough.

Here is a guide for how to find all the gnomes for every named location that can come up for these daily challenges.

Where To Find Gnomes At Sweaty Sands

Fortnite Sweaty Sands Gnome Locations.
  1. Gnome #1 is located right outside the big hotel on the left hand side of the map, just below a palm tree.
  2. Gnome #2 is located in the alleyway between three buildings in the center of the named location. It’ll be found right next to a dumpster.
  3. Gnome #3 is below the pier right next to the water at the southern tip of the named location.

Where To Find Gnomes At Coral Castle

Here is a map with all three gnome locations in Coral Castle.

Fortnite Coral Castle Gnome Locations.
Fortnite Coral Castle Gnome Locations.
  1. Gnome #1 is located right outside a small building on a hilltop. It’s on the outer edges of the named location.
  2. Gnome #2 is located northeast of the first gnome, outside another building with a golden roof.
  3. Gnome #3 is up on the hill on the western side of the name location, right outside another ruined building.

Daily challenges change each day, so you’ll want to check the quest menu to see which challenges you need to tackle before you play. More gnome-based challenges could come as the seasons progresses. Be sure to complete each and every Predator challenge, including finding the mysterious pod, in order to unlock Season 5’s mystery challenges.

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