Folk Songs to Celebrate the Occasion


One of the most popular festivals of Assam, Magh Bihu is a joyous, colourful harvest gala celebrated with great gusto. The spirit of this festival is imbued with happiness, gratitude, brotherhood, welcoming the new. So, people breaking out into song and dance, observing the celebratory fervor, becomes an organic, spontaneous outcome; because no festival is complete without music. Music has forever influenced cultures and has been an integral and indispensable part.

Hence, naturally, heralding the season of abundance, the celebration of Magh Bihu has been replete with soulful, melodious folk song and dance.

People gather during the festival and engage in merrymaking. In the early morning of Bihu, ‘meji’ or bonfire is lit and the festival is celebrated with some amazing folk songs accompanied with traditional instruments. The Assamese folk songs are vital to the Bihu festival.

Here are some folk songs embodying the cheerful Magh Bihu festive spirit:

1. Kong seng: This Assamese folk song captures the vibrant, colourful and cheerful soul of Assamese tradition. The foot-tapping, peppy, wonderful beats of the song portray the essence of the festive mood in the truest sense.

2. Bohagote amare aai mohura hoi ghure: This song sung by Bhupen Hazarika reverberates with the spirit of sharing, deep cultural bond, and the beauty of community spirit. Celebrating the prosperity, the bountiful nature, its melody captivates and engages one and all, and fuels the zeal of the festive spirit.

3. Pahar Bogai Bogai: This is one of the loveliest folk songs that has some amazing accompaniment of musical instruments. It is a quite popular song sung by Krishnamoni and Bornali.

4. Bihu Anandia: Another delightful song sung by Bhupen Hazarika is Bihu Anandia that enlivens the festive spirit. The mellifluous notes, the heartrending sound of the flutes, blended with energetic drum beats, horn sounds, are a perfect fit for Magh Bihu celebration.

5. Namore Kothiya: Yet another all-time hit Bihu song by Bhupen Hazarika is this joyful Namore Kothiya. With cuckoo’s sound in the background, accompanied with lively, rhythmic tune of traditional instruments elevates the song’s entertainment quotient to another level.

6. Dhonseng: This is a beautiful folk song by Papon. It has some very fast-paced beats and quirky lyrics. It is a popular Bihu song.

Performing to these beautiful, joyful, folk songs, Assamese engage in a controlled rhythmic dance, and express their delight and excitement during Magh Bihu festival.




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