Five Kinds of Comfy Footwear You Can Wear When You are Pregnant


It a well-known fact that during pregnancy there are dozens of things that will be putting you at unease due to the hormonal changes the body undergoes. One of them would be having swollen feet. You need to support your pelvic area carefully to avoid any kind of sprain. Aching heel, swelling, sprain, the discomfort that could arise from all such symptoms must be taken care of right away.

So, it becomes imperative to look for footwear that will provide you with ease in movements and relief.

Here are 5 appropriate footwear for all mommy-to-be. Take a look:

1. Flats: By far the most appropriate footwear, flats are highly recommended to keep your swollen feet happy and any pains at bay. Many kinds of flats are available. There are ballet flats that are designed to keep the feet cool, sweat-free. You can comfortably wear and roam around as they carry your weight around easily.

2. Sandals: There are a variety of nice sandals these days that will take care of your look besides making sure you have a comfy walk. For instance, you can try to wear a pair of sandals that are sturdy and comfy; with adjustable buckle; as this gives a snug fit, ensures support.

Also, there are some classic foam, cushioned sandals that are super-light, flexible; with straps, along with flex grooves and water-resistant capacity. You can opt for toe post sandals as well for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Slip-on shoe: Lightweight, breathable and comfy slip-on shoes serve ideal for swollen feet. The cushioned, padded sole provides ample support to the aching heels. With wide front, rubber sole for traction, the shoe would be a great choice as pregnancy footwear.

4. Sneakers: If you are going for a walk, always you can opt for a pair of super supportive, easy to slip in, sneakers. Absolutely the right fit for pregnancy footwear, sneakers are extremely good for your feet, provides ease in movements, easy to take off, lessens stress on joints and ankles, and has rubber soles to absorb shock, lends great arch support too. Without having to worry, you can always safely put on these.

5. Slippers, flip-flops: If you feel like just wearing a pair of slide slippers then that would be great as well. Both flip-flops, slippers are easy to wear and remove, comfortable, lightweight, gives you breathing space and ease in movements.

Choose wisely, live carefully and have a safe pregnancy.




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