Fatty liver disease: Fetor hepaticus may be a warning sign that affects your breath


There are different checks to test for fatty liver illness like ultrasounds. But ultrasounds aren’t superb for chubby or aged folks – nearly all of folks affected by liver illness, Dr O’Hara added.

“So, they’re also not great, so the definitive way to diagnose liver disease is by biopsy and a biopsy is invasive, expensive and obviously you don’t want to be having a biopsy if you can help it.

“But at the moment for cirrhosis that’s really, you’re really got to end up having a biopsy done.

“So, we will be looking at breath as a diagnostic sample instead of blood or using ultrasound as there is information contained within the breath.

“We know there must be something in it because of this fetor hepaticus and if we can identify what they are then you would have a chance of looking back into the bio-chemical processes in the body to see what it is that’s going wrong.”




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