Entire school board resigns in shame after forgetting their WebEx call was public


You would assume the complete world would understand how Zoom works by now. Lawyers might be cats, congressmen are generally inverted, however pants are not truly optional. That didn’t maintain the Oakley Union Elementary School District’s board of trustees from badmouthing dad and mom throughout a public WebEx call — suggesting that folks simply “want their babysitters back,” or wish to return to smoking marijuana (through Gizmodo).

The full 8-minute video under isn’t fairly as incendiary because the play-by-play makes it sound. It appears possible the board was simply airing some normal frustrations, unaware they have been being watched.

One even requested whether or not “Are we alone?” earlier than telling the board how she actually felt about criticism from dad and mom: “Bitch, if you’re going to call me out, I’m going to fuck you up.”

Narrator: they weren’t alone. They have been being recorded, it went viral, over 7,000 folks signed a petition asking them to resign, and that’s precisely what they did. Every single member has now resigned, in accordance with a letter from superintendent Greg Hetrick (PDF) — who was a part of the call, by the best way.




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