Enjoying The World’s New ‘It’ Destination – Africa

Citizens of the world beware – Africa is offering up some of the best tourism experiences anywhere on the planet, and it’s a huge error to miss out. As Forbes highlights, the continent has so much quality to offer that it can truly be considered 2023’s ‘it’ destination, favored by seasoned travelers and luxury-seeking celebrities alike. From sun-soaked escapes in Mauritius, to the classic and timeless quality of the Serengeti, to Egypt’s stunning history, countries throughout the continent are offering something different for travelers, showing off stunning scenery and world class culture.

Pure luxury

For lovers of all-inclusive sun-baked holidays, amazing geography and history, and culture alike, there is Mauritius. A small island located off the east coast of Africa, it features high up in US News’ best African locations, and for good reason. A place with something for everyone, where it really trumps the competition is in pure luxury. Its resorts and beaches, with powder-like sand, are phenomenal and seen in few places internationally. It’s also a hotbed for creatives, with tours of the island and the surrounding reefs a really inspirational place. Local produce is fantastic, too; Mauritius rum, jam and sugars are world-famous, and have a distinct taste that can’t quite be replicated. The island essentially challenges the best the Caribbean has to offer, and really does come out swinging. Luxury, culture, incredible scenery and a unique history – Mauritius rightly features as the ‘it’ destination location right now.

Enjoying the wilds

As profiled by Tanzania’s The Citizen magazine, the Serengeti has overcome difficulties with local issues and poaching to once again feature as one of the best vacation destinations anywhere in the world. Famed for its wildlife, including the ‘big five’ – free roaming lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and Cape buffalo – the rivers and plains of the Serengeti are some of the best game areas anywhere on the planet and a huge pull. For tourists, exploring this ancient landscape through the use of glamping and daily excursions can be a fantastic way to have a taste of what can flourish when nature is allowed to thrive.

Visiting culture

Another country rocked by instability over the past few years has been Egypt. However, recent years have seen the country stabilized and, now, transformed. As Business Insider highlights, huge investments into tourism have been established, and Cairo is set to be host to the stunning $1 billion GEM museum which will house the entire King Tutankhamen collection. Alongside the Red Sea resorts including Hurghada, and ancient history in Luxor, Egypt has a huge amount to offer from culture, to relaxation, to nightlife.

Africa has had a lot of instability in recent years. With a new stabilization and a focus from national leaders on showing what the continent has to offer, its nations are now offering fantastic incentives to tourists and providing world-class experiences. That’s true whether you want to hit the beach and relax, get wild in the savannah, or see some ages-old culture famous the world over.

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