EA’s ‘Dynamic Difficulty’ system wants to predict your behaviour, keep you playing for longer


Electronic Arts has patented a dynamic problem system that may predict and reply to a participant’s temper, and seems directed in the direction of making your gaming periods longer.

The patent was filed in October 2020 (thanks GameSpot) and was made accessible for the general public to see in the direction of the tip of March 2021. EA itself is asking the tech ‘Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment’ and its software in-game definitely feels like attention-grabbing.

As per the patent, the system has been constructed to “perform automatic granular difficulty adjustment” in such a manner that problem spikes and dips could be “undetectable by a user.”

The purpose of the system, it appears, is for EA to predict gaming habits and shift in-game challenges to higher keep you engaged. The system would give you the chance to trawl your earlier gaming exercise to “generate a game retention prediction model that predicts an indication of an expected duration of game play.”

“Based on the determined expected duration of game play, the difficulty level of the video game may be automatically adjusted,” the patent notes. Struggling with a boss, or traditionally having problem with a sure enemy class? The sport would give you the chance to detect that and scale the problem down in modular elements, moderately than merely making use of an ‘easy, medium and hard’ blanket problem to the entire sport.

Remember the AI Director in Left 4 Dead? It type of feels like that, albeit extra superior.

“Often, games that are too difficult or too easy will result in less enjoyment for a user,” the patent explains. “Consequently, the user is likely to play the game less. Thus, one of the challenges of game development is to design a game with a difficulty level that is most likely to keep a user engaged for a longer period of time.”

There’s a protracted, ugly historical past of dialog round problem in videogames, and it appears like EA is gearing up to sort out some components of the famously divisive subject as we enter the brand new era correct. Will this tech make its manner into Battlefield 6? Nothing has been confirmed but.

Whether this tech will likely be used to make periods extra pleasing for gamers, or to direct players in the direction of short-cuts and different development strategies, stays to be seen.

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