Dog Mistakes Man for Fire Hydrant, and It Goes Exactly As You’d Expect


A dog walking down the sidewalk looking for a place to go to the bathroom. A man sitting on the sidewalk, inadvertently crouched to the approximate height of a fire hydrant. A dog who needs to use the bathroom, and a man shaped like a fire hydrant. Need we say more?

In this video, captured by CCTV cameras in Brazil, the unidentified man in purple is sitting on the sidewalk when a white pooch approaches him from behind. After giving the man a cursory sniff, the animal begins doing his business right on the man’s back.

Once he realizes what’s going on, presumably thanks to a hot stream of liquid suddenly soaking his shirt, the man erupts in a rage. He leaps to his feat and kicks at the white dog, who escapes him with ease. In the end, the man has nothing to do but remove his shirt in disgust as a smaller dog sniffs him, presumably drawn by the smell.

The moral of the story here? When dogs have to go they’re gonna go, and your best bet is to get out of the way.

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