Did Lily from the AT&T Commercials ‘Confirm Rumors’?


For plenty of years, on-line ads have unfold unusual rumors about the actress who portrays Lily Adams, a personality from AT&T tv commercials. Her actual title is Milana Vayntrub. The actress has been referred to on-line as “the AT&T girl,” or just, Lily.

Ad #1: “Finally Confirms The Rumors”

One advert learn: “Lily From AT&T Finally Confirms The Rumors.” According to the useful and widespread r/savedyouaclick subreddit on Reddit, it gave the impression to be making the rounds since at least 2017:

The ensuing 51-page story revealed no such rumors. We’ve seen comparable deceptive adverts that promised “rumors” had been “confirmed” about Hollywood actors Tom Selleck, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra Bullock.

Ad #2: “Causing a Stir”

Another advert displayed as just lately as April 2021 learn: “Lily From The AT&T Ads Is Causing A Stir For One Reason”:

Despite misleading ads Lily from the AT&T ATT commercials did not have a controversial life behind the scenes.

Readers for this advert had been led to a 40-page story headlined: “This Is Why Lily From The AT&T Ads Is Causing A Stir.”

The article promised to disclose scandalous particulars about Vayntrub’s life. “Vayntrub herself has layers that most audiences won’t know about – and might even find controversial.” Another page referred in a seemingly destructive solution to “what she gets up to in her spare time.” A 3rd web page read: “It almost seems like she was destined for those AT&T ads … even though her behind-the-scenes activities could have thrown them into jeopardy.”

These hooks had been positioned at the starting of the story to maintain readers clicking. By page 40, nothing “controversial” was revealed about Vayntrub. The prolonged article appeared to make use of the acquainted face of Lily from the AT&T commercials for promoting arbitrage.

We noticed the actual objective of the lengthy story in the full internet tackle. The URL ended with “lily-att-ads-facts.” It was nothing greater than 40 pages of purported details about Vayntrub’s life and profession as an actress and spokeswoman for AT&T.

Additionally, neither of the deceptive adverts gave the impression to be about headlines and tweets from Vayntrub relating to her bodily look.

Vayntrub Returns as Lily in 2020

The story in the second advert was being marketed as just lately as April 2021. The article was initially printed in December 2019. Prior to the story being printed, Vayntrub final portrayed Lily in the AT&T commercials in 2016.

She returned to painting the acquainted character in 2020, a truth not up to date in the 2019 article:

In sum, on-line ads promised to verify seemingly scandalous rumors about the actress who portrays the character Lily in AT&T commercials. However, regardless of two tales lasting a mixed 91 pages, no such particulars had been revealed.

Snopes debunks a variety of content material, and on-line ads are not any exception. Misleading adverts typically result in obscure web sites that host prolonged slideshow articles with numerous pages. It’s referred to as promoting “arbitrage.” The advertiser’s objective is to make more cash on adverts displayed on the slideshow’s pages than it price to point out the preliminary advert that lured them to it. Feel free to submit adverts to us, and you’ll want to embrace a screenshot of the advert and the hyperlink to the place the advert leads.




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