DC Future State Reveals Aquawoman’s Powers


Future State Aquaman removes Arthur and Mera from the image and places Jackson and Andy within the highlight, and because it takes place sooner or later (therefore the title) Jackson is now Aquaman and Andy is now Aquawoman. At first look, Aquawoman can do lots of the issues Arthur and Mera can do, however as we study later within the problem, there may be one highly effective skill that’s truly a merging of the 2 energy units, one thing Andy continues to be attempting to come back to phrases with and determine if it is even okay to make use of it in any respect. Spoilers incoming for Future State Aquaman #1 so if you have not learn the difficulty but you’ve got been warned.

Things open up on Jackson and Andy after a battle with Black Manta, and it appears that evidently issues took a flip for the more severe sooner or later. Jackson begins scolding Andy about getting concerned, and he or she factors out having Jackson face his father hasn’t been going nice to date. Things get extra heated, and Jackson says “You won’t follow my lead. you won’t take any of your training seriously, and all you do…”, however at that time, Andy cuts him off.

Andy says “Maybe it’s you, Jackson. You ever think about that? Maybe our problem is you! Maybe you’re not Aquaman and you never will be! That’s the big secret no one wants to say to your face!” At this level her eyes begin glowing purple, and Jackson asks “Andy…what are you doing?” Andy continues “Everyone knows my dad made a huge mistake, and now we all have to pretend, like he didn’t”

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At this level, Jackson begins yelling at Andy and asking her once more what she’s doing, and as we see, the angrier she will get the additional some kind of purple wave travels round her, and with it, a military of sharks could be seen surrounding Jackson.

She realizes what’s taking place and says “Oh no! I didn’t mean…I” after which swims away, saying “It was an accident!”

Jackson then asks her why she did not inform him that she might discuss to them like her father, however Andy reveals that it is extra difficult than that.

(Photo: DC Comics)

“That’s not, my father can communicate with marine life…I’m controlling them. There’s a difference, Jackson…a big one. I hate it when it happens. It’s wrong.”

It appears she bought a mixture of her mom’s aquakinesis and her father’s aquatelepathy, making her probably much more highly effective within the course of, however it’s additionally maybe extra harmful than both of her mother or father’s energy units.

Future State Aquaman #1 is written by Brandon Thomas, drawn by Daniel Sampere, coloured by Adriano Lucas, and lettered by Clayton Cowles, and you could find the official description beneath.

“When Jackson Hyde accepted the mantle of Aquaman, he didn’t expect to also have to mentor Andy Curry, Arthur and Mera’s teen daughter. Nor did he expect that he and Andy would get sucked into the Confluence-an interdimensional nexus that connects distant planets and galaxies through the One Great Ocean. And he certainly didn’t expect to lose Andy in the process of trying to find their way back home. Now Jackson’s not sure how long he’s been stuck in a prison on Neptune (five years?) or how many times he’s tried to escape (200 at least!). But today Jackson saw something in the water that gave him hope for the first time in a long time-and his captors have no idea what he’s got in store for them.”

Future State Aquaman #1 is in comedian shops now.

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