Cub and Baby Deer Kiss in Insanely Adorable Video


If you’re having a rough day — or week, or month, or year — this short clip of a cub and baby deer kiss is the perfect cure to what ails you.

In an adorable video uploaded to Imgur by user BrainsAreForLooks — hey, we don’t make the names! — Brains says, “Get ready for some feeeeeels…”

Watch the short video of the tiny fawn and bear cub below.

Get ready for some feeeeeels….

Unsurprisingly, the babies aren’t really afraid of each other. The real icing on the cake, in our opinion, is when the bear cub staggers onto his hind legs and gives the fawn the tiniest of kisses.

That deserves an “awwwwww” from all of us.

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Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on August 4, 2016.




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