Could Marvel Resurrect Doctor Doom’s Secret Wars Invisible Woman Marraige?


Doctor Doom’s impending nuptials might deliver again his very best model of Susan Storm from Secret Wars’ Battleworld.

One of probably the most terrifying figures within the Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom, is about to get married. However, his impending nuptials to this extremely daring lady might resolve a lingering plot thread left behind within the wake of 2015’s Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina.

In the world the place Doom reigned supreme as God-Emperor, Doctor Doom created his personal model of the Richards household, one wherein he was married to Susan Storm and their kids had been Franklin and Valeria Von Doom. As that crossover got here to an finish, the destiny of that Susan Storm was left unresolved, however his new thriller bride might very properly be Susan Von Doom, which might elevate an awesome many questions and issues for the Fantastic Four.

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The upcoming occasion guarantees that Doom might be getting married. And for some cause, Mister Fantastic will apparently his greatest man, however it’s nonetheless not clear who Doom will truly be marrying. Promotional photos for the marriage present Doom’s bride hidden in a veil. The incontrovertible fact that her face is hidden means they’re most certainly a longtime determine throughout the Marvel Universe.

With that in thoughts, Susan Von Doom looks as if an inexpensive candidate for Doom’s thriller bride.

As the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe collided within the ultimate Incursion at first of Secret Wars, Susan Richards, the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation had been the fortunate few who managed to flee on the liferafts that Mister Fantastic and the Illuminati had constructed to flee the destruction. But Mister Fantastic underestimated how harmful the affect of the Incursion would ne. Susan’s vessel, in addition to their kids and the Future Foundation, had been misplaced to the void.

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By that time, Doctor Doom had absorbed the facility of the Beyonders through the use of Molecule Man to destroy after which redirect their energy into Doom. With his new standing as a god, Doom gathered the stays of each universes and merged them into Battleworld. There, he would rule as its god, with variations of Susan, Franklin and Valeria at his facet. In impact, Doom saved what little remained, however turned it into his private playground and stole Reed Richards’ household. But the reality of what this Von Doom household was is extra advanced than merely taking Mister Fantastic’s spouse and kids.

In actuality, Doom had finished was create a wholly new actuality, and an excellent portion of it was born from his personal creativeness. True, elements of the unique universes remained, however what was most valuable to Doom had been his private creations, the life he believed he deserved greater than Reed. So on this actuality, the lady who rejected him and fought him on so many ranges grew to become his devoted spouse, and the youngsters she had with one other man grew to become his as a substitute.

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This actuality was undone, and the brand new Marvel Multiverse was created with the Fantastic Four’s help. However, some questions stay about what occurred to the Von Doom household. Reed managed to revive his circle of relatives, however the individuals Doom had created had been separate entities. And by the point his fantasy world was starting to unravel, Susan Von Doom’s religion in Victor had been severely shaken, if not damaged fully.

So if the brand new bride is in actual fact Susan Von Doom, her presence begs the query of how she’s there, and it raises comparable issues about the remainder of Battleworld’s residents. For the second, the thriller of the Bride of Doom’s identification continues to be ongoing, but when Doom is marrying Susan Von Doom, Battleworld and a military of Doom devotees might nonetheless be on the market, ready to return to the God-Emperor.

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