Chicken, Cauliflower, Brown Rice and Other Summer Recipes for Your Pet


With the onset of summer time, you will need to know what is nice and protected to feed your canines. While we don’t need to change their each day meals, we do have the chance to have the ability to give them some contemporary do-it-yourself treats which can cool them down.

We all know that canines have a better inner physique temperature than us people and therefore, it will be important that we tweak their diets in the summertime months in order to keep away from them feeling too sizzling. A better core temperature will end in hair loss in patches, dehydration and panting.

Some key meals parts to keep away from in summer time are mutton, beef (buffalo meat) and egg yolks. While some pet dad and mom feed their canines mangoes, they’re to be averted too. Some meals parts that are good for your canines in summer time are rooster, egg white, curd, cucumber, cauliflower and brown rice.

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, Founder, Harley’s Corner shares some recipes that you could make at dwelling and deal with your canine with throughout these sizzling months:

Wash and clear the bones completely

Do not take away the marrow

Boil the bones with the mint in a strain cooked for 4-5 whistles

Let it cool and take away any marrow and meat and depart it within the soup

After you make the broth, you’ll be able to serve this in a number of methods:

a. Chilled — as a soup in the summertime months

b. Frozen — maintain 1 ice dice tray and make ice of the broth and serve it after your canine comes again from a stroll

Boil and puree the liver

Whisk the curd till easy

Mix the liver and the curd until blended nicely

Portion this out into 5 small bowls/containers and freeze

You can exchange the liver with blended uncooked bananas, mashed candy potato additionally. This is to be served frozen as an ice cream

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