CES 2021: TCL expands portfolio with new TVs, soundbar and smart home appliances


TCL Electronics introduced its latest TCL Mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs, audio, and home appliances at CES 2021 treadeshow. The launches are part of its its AIxIoT strategy.
Premium mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs
TCL unveiled three Mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs — TCL 4K Mini-LED TV C825, TCL 4K QLED TV C725, TCL 4K HDR TV P725.
TCL TS8132 soundbar is a Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar using a 3.1.2 channel configuration with a maximum audio power of 350W. It has Chromecast built-in and also works with voice assistants including Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.
Air conditioner
TCL Ocarina can connect to a smart TV, phone and any compatible devices via the TCL Home App or Google Assistant. Users can activate and control their AC remotely, making it easy to turn it on and off, adjust speed and temperature. Ocarina comes with Deep Clean function that claims to be clinically proven to remove most germs, dust and pollution. It i also said to automatically clean evaporator.
Washing Machine
TCL’s new smart washing machines come with Wi-Fi control, washing cycles are fully customizable including cycle volume and duration. There are multiple washing programs with full coverage of types of laundry items. It is equipped with a DD motor, both units can either run separately or at the same time.
TCL’s latest C470 refrigerator features 21.5-inch smart LED screen. It is preloaded with media resources, recipe recommendations, a drawing board and more. The C470 also features Power Cool that claims to cool drinks in just five minutes, and Power Freeze which can fast freeze meat in 10 minutes. C470’s door gasket is said to be fitted with a dustproofing protection layer that has an antibacterial agent inside.
Air Purifier
TCL Breeva A3 air purifier features Breeva Shield, said to be made of UV-C light and Ionizer to handle bacteria and airborne microbes. It claims to have three-stage filtration system to deal with dust, pollen, smoke and pet odours in the air. With built-in air quality sensors, it is said to be designed to purify air in spaces up to 32 square meters and can clean up to 270 cubic meters of air per hour.
Vacuum Cleaner
TCL Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a super slim 70mm tall robot vacuum cleaner that the compa ny says can work under most furniture. It claims to can handle room thresholds over 20 mm, and it doesn’t get stuck when it meets a thick rug or small steps.




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