Cat Owners Are Making Memes About What It’s Like Living With One And They’re Spot-On


Memes and cats are the real fuel of the internet. Think of what a bland place it’d be if we didn’t get a daily fix of hilarious feline pics gift-wrapped in mysterious cat logic. Think of how many memes wouldn’t have even been born without these pictures. Grumpy Cat, Cat Jam, Smudge the Cat, Coughing Cat… anyone?!

So when combining these two of people’s favorite things, you get the most powerful cattitude memes that explain all that words cannot explain. Like all those weird, goofy, and plain ‘seriously?!’ feline behaviors.

Why do cats eat like they’ve got 2 secs to finish the bowl, only to puke in the middle of the carpet a minute later? And how do they decide that wreaking havoc on the house at 3 am is an excellent idea? Those cucumbers, what’s up with them?

We may never find the answers, but with the help of cat-approved meme language, we at least can get a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of felines. It’s where everything you think you know is wrong, and everything you know to be wrong is also wrong. Power cat memes compiled by Bored Panda, the stage is yours.




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