Business In The Front, Party In The Back: Dog Owners Are Sharing Photos Of Their Canines Sporting Mullets (78 Pics)


Business within the entrance, get together within the again! And that is not restricted simply to us, people.

There’s a brand new development sweeping the web and it is making us as confused because it’s about to make you, expensive Pandas. Dog homeowners have been taking them to their native groomers and asking for… mullets. Yes, canines with mullets are a factor and so they’re right here on Bored Panda in all their notorious glory!

Have a glance under at how the splendidly bizarre coiffure appears on canines and upvote the pics that you just preferred essentially the most. And be sure you share your ideas. Do you say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ to dog mullets, dear Pandas? ‘Yea’ or ‘nay’?

One person who believes that dogs with mullets is an “unexplored goldmine” of an internet trend is the creator of the ‘Dogs with Mullets’ page over on Facebook. They told Bored Panda that it seems like an entertaining and funny idea and hopes that mullet canines will be a long-term trend, not just a passing one.

The founder of ‘Dogs with Mullets,’ a small community page dedicated to (yup, you guessed it) dogs with mullets, believes that there’s an obvious link between hairstyle and fashion trends in the human and the canine worlds. “Really, humans dictate dog styling trends more, obviously. I don’t think anybody saw ‘The Littlest Hobo’ and said, ‘Give me the German Shepherd, to their barber,” they joked that (at least for now), we influence dogs more than they do us.

“I would like to see more people fashioning themselves after our canine friends. So make it happen, be the change you wanna see and all that,” they said.

In the Facebook page founder’s opinion, one of the classics of the dog hairstyle world is the poodle cut that’s likely to never go out of style because “people seem to love poodles.”

As for the dogs with mullets trend, the founder of ‘Dogs with Mullets’ wants it to spread as far and as wide as possible. For one, they think that the hairstyle looks great on our four-legged friends; what’s more, they’d love to have more photos to feature on their page as time goes by. “I am all for mullets on dogs. Let [the trend] stay as long as possible, I beg of you!”

Mullets are making a return in the human world in the form of the ‘modern mullet’ haircut (lengthy again hair, brief facet hair, medium-length prime hair) and stars like Miley Cyrus have been embracing the type. So it’s no surprise that some canine homeowners and groomers are drawing inspiration from human tendencies, as nicely. 

Just like with us people, there are hairstyle trends for our pets as nicely. Some are right here to remain for a really very long time, others go out of fashion extremely shortly. While nonetheless others make an occasional reappearance and make us really feel nostalgic for the great previous days when life appeared easier.

Whether or not canine mullets will go the check of time continues to be up for grabs. I’d wager that the coiffure is goofy sufficient to remain comparatively standard amongst a small group of returning clients. Popularity may develop if mullet-wearing spreads amongst individuals even additional, too.

Giving your canine a mullet merely does not scream ‘stylish!’ sufficient to develop from an web development to a mainstream fad, for my part. But who is aware of—I might be unsuitable and shortly sufficient, we’ll be seeing loads of four-legged buddies being the right mix of ritual and enjoyable gallivanting round our native parks.

I’ll be fully trustworthy with you, expensive Pandas, I truly laughed out loud once I noticed my first photograph of a canine with a mullet. I imply, there you might be, fortunately dwelling your greatest life and [bam!] like a bolt from the blue, canines with mullets drop smack dab in the midst of your radar. You’re unsure what to suppose or what to really feel.

Does it work? Is it a foolish development that turns doggos into helpless style victims? That’s so that you can resolve, expensive Pandas. If you ever gave your canine a mullet, would you get one as nicely in solidarity? We’d love to listen to your ideas on whether or not the mullet canine development appears good or if it must be forgotten as quickly as potential.




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