Boruto Promo Sets Up a Kage Summit and Kawaki Turnaround


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has dropped a new promo that is teasing a main Naruto Kage summit, in addition to a massive turnaround for Kawaki, the Kara “vessel” that Boruto and Team 7 are actually bringing again to Hidden Leaf. The promo teases the storyline for the upcoming Boruto episode 193, which is titled “Cohabitation”. As the title implies, clearly Boruto and Team 7 make it again to Hidden Leaf with Kawaki in tow, however there should be a a lot bigger debate and a determination inside the prime powers of the shinobi world about what ought to truly be accomplished with Kawaki, within the bigger sense.

Here’s the synopsis leak for Boruto episode 193 (by way of @Nite_Baron), which is able to air/stream in April:

Title: “Cohabitation”

Kawaki is a mysterious boy who has a mark referred to as “Karma” on his palm and is known as the “Vessel” by Kara. The 5 kage focus on easy methods to cope with him. Kawaki’s supervision is formally entrusted to Konoha, on to the seventh hokage, Naruto. Naruto takes Kawaki dwelling, however he would not confide in him, and would not even say his identify. In addition, Kawaki come head to head with Boruto, however after a dispute the environment between them additional intensifies.

The present episode of Boruto, “Resonance” wowed followers with its Kawaki battle in opposition to Kara enforcer Garou. The motion and animation have been subsequent degree, revealing simply how superior Kara’s warriors are, with their scientific ninja device cybernetic enhancements. Kawaki’s upgrades are really revolutionary: his total physique is one massive scientific ninja device, right down to a mobile degree.

If that wasn’t sufficient, Kawaki’s reveals that his Karma seal is able to extra energy than any shinobi or cyborg we have ever seen. Just when it seems like Garou has crushed Kawaki inside an inch of his life, the Karma prompts and Kawaki murders Garou within the goriest and most savage kill Boruto has seen but. Naruto and the Five Kage really need to determine if they’ll take this degree of risk below their roof – as a result of Kara is unquestionably coming for him. And if Boruto and Kawwaki’s relationship deteriorates… Well, the sequence flash-forward opening already confirmed us simply how unhealthy that may get.

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