Borrowed flesh: The story of a 400-year-old botched nose job



n 1624, a doctor referred to as Jean-Baptiste van Helmont instructed a unusual story in his e-book of “magnetic cures” about a man from Brussels who had misplaced his nose. Having had his nose minimize off “in combat”, the person went to a well-known Italian surgeon, Gaspare Tagliacozzi, who promised to make him a new one “resembling nature’s pattern”. The downside was that Tagliacozzi needed to make use of some of the person’s personal pores and skin to recreate the nose. Not eager on this concept, the noseless man determined to purchase his solution to a new face. He employed a native porter to donate some of his pores and skin and had the surgeon style a new nose out of this international tissue.

All appeared nicely, recounted Van Helmont, till simply over a 12 months later, the person discovered that his new nose all of the sudden grew frigid and cadaverous. Over the following few days, it started to putrefy on his face, and inside a week it had dropped off completely.

Investigating the trigger of the sudden misfortune, the person’s buddies came upon that the porter who equipped the flesh had died at simply the identical time that the nose first turned chilly. Though Van Helmont admitted that the story appeared fantastical, he insisted that there have been males “of good repute, that were eyewitnesses of these occurrences”. This, he insisted, was not superstition, however proof of a highly effective affinity between the borrowed tissue and its authentic proprietor.




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