Black Cat Reveals Awesome New Magic Armor


The King in Black occasion has been making a novel affect on the Marvel Comics mythos, with a shocking array of characters being sucked into its orbit. One of essentially the most attention-grabbing gamers within the occasion’s recreation has been Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, whose solo sequence has chronicled her efforts to tug off a heist in the course of Knull’s assault on Earth. There have solely been two problems with the brand new Black Cat run to date, however readers have already been handled to a number of new costumes for Felicia — together with one which must be seen to be believed. Spoilers for Black Cat #2 from Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado beneath! Only look if you wish to know!

The situation noticed Felicia and her ragtag workforce making an attempt to steal Doctor Strange again from Knull, after Captain America tasked her with getting again the Sorcerer Supreme. Felicia finally amassed an eclectic and spectacular array of Marvel Comics parts to make that occur — Anti-Venom symbiote fits engineered after the occasions of Absolute Carnage, the Spider Buggy, a Green Goblin glider, and the help of Bats, the ghost basset hound who grew to become associates with Strange. Bats supplied Felicia with considered one of Strange’s magic wand, nevertheless it did not finally get for use, because the workforce narrowly escaped the grasp of Knull’s underlings.

Once the mud settled, Felicia puzzled what would occur if she herself used the magic wand, particularly as a method to get an higher hand towards Knull. While her workforce warned towards it, Felicia unwrapped the wand, and found that it originated from Asgard. The situation ended with Felicia sporting the complete results of the Asgardian sword — a gold and white swimsuit of armor.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The swimsuit is undeniably visually hanging, and the concept of Felicia getting powers on this context undoubtedly shakes up her standing throughout the occasions of King in Black. As’s unique preview of Black Cat #3 reveals, it undoubtedly can have epic outcomes.

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