Belly Button Piercing for Women, Full Process and Aftercare 


A belly button piercing is one of the most attractive choices for anyone interested in body modification. It comes with lots of benefits, like keeping it hidden from your dull, conservative boss. It also transmits originality, good taste and an intriguing sense of daring. 

History of the Belly Button Piercing

The belly button piercing became extremely popular during the 90s after Christy Turlington, a famous supermodel, appeared cat walking with a piece of jewelry hanging from her stomach during the London Fashion Show. A long list of celebrities followed after, including Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears, to mention just a few. 

Being Pretty Hurts

The first thing you should know about a belly button piercing is how misleading its name is. The belly button is not actually pierced when you get a belly button piercing, actually it’s the skin folds right on top of it. There are certain variations and body modification artists might actually pierce through the belly button, but these are not the standard piercing we all have in mind. 

Now, no matter what type of piercing you want, the most important thing is to choose a salubre studio and a competent body modification artist. Spend all the time you can and more going through Google reviews or simply ask a pierced friend and go by referral. Once over there, mentalise yourself: it is going to be hella painful. To the point of screaming.

We’re kidding, of course. The degree of pain is really variable. Some will tell you it doesn’t hurt, and others will tell you it’s quite painful. 

The truth is that the degree of pain is comparable to the sting of a bee or a vaccine. You will continue experiencing some pain for a couple of days, but it will quickly decrease and disappear, so don’t worry about it. 

Aftercare if you care

We would advise you to carefully follow the piercer’s instructions once you return back home. Obvious one here, but some don’t seem to care, and things can get a bit nasty. The most obvious recommendations include:

  • Wash your hands frequently and sterilize them if you can
  • At least once a day use alcohol to sterilize the piercing area
  • Sleep on your back and don’t pressure the operation area
  • Stop drugs and alcohol for a few days, we know it will be hard for you 😉
  • Don’t touch any crusts, these are normal! And don’t play with your piercing, no matter how tempting it is. 
  • Do not scratch even if it itches
  • Do not put any oils of perfumes on your belly button
  • Wear loose clothes
  • Stay away from pools, lakes, or saltless water 

Consider the Risks of the Procedure

A belly button piercing comes with a series of risks that should be seriously considered. If you walk into the wrong place these can be as bad as hepatitis, AIDS, tetanus, viral infections, allergic reactions and terrible scarring. 

You should first and foremost choose a reliable place. If they use a piercing gun instead of a needle, walk straight out from there. Reusable piercing guns reportedly transmit other people’s fluids and can cause tissue damage, making them a no-no.

You should also NOT get a belly button piercing if you have hemophilia, diabetes or, needless to say, if you are pregnant!

You might recognize signs of infections if you experience any of the following:

  • Intense redness
  • Unnormal swelling
  • Rashness
  • Foul smelling

Another important consideration is to choose noble metals for your piercing instead of cheap ones. Gold, titanium and platinum do not oxidate and they do not cause the infections and rashness that cheap metals cause. 

If Hanging Skin is the Problem

There’s a substantial number of people who get a belly button piercing to deviate attention from hanging skin on their belly. If this is your case, you might want to consider surgery instead. Tummy tuck in Turkey has recently become a popular destination, attracting patients from all over the world due to its affordable prices and its high quality medical industry. 

Still Thinking About It?

If you follow our instructions carefully, the worst case scenario is you will take the piercing out in a few months because you didn’t like it. If you’re still hesitating, dare go with a friend! It will be an interesting experience, and… yolo!

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