Arguments? Billions are held in the kitchen


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The room, which 57 p.c agreed was the coronary heart of the house, will even witness nearly 28 million dishes burned past recognition every year, setting the smoke alarm off 166 million instances.

Kitchens have grow to be even busier over the course of the lockdowns, being became a hair salon (31 p.c), classroom (11 p.c), house workplace (15 p.c) and a backdrop for video calls (22 p.c).

Almost 4 in 10 adults have had an enormous heart-to-heart in the room whereas nearly one in 20 have even obtained engaged.

The research additionally discovered the common grownup will spend simply over two hours a day in their kitchen – the equal of 32 full days a yr.

As a end result, 51 p.c stated it is necessary that their kitchen displays their character and life-style.

TV favorite and perfectionist Prue Leith, who’s the ambassador for Omega Kitchens, which commissioned the analysis, stated: “On the surface it is easy to think the kitchen’s only function is related to all things food, but we know that for many it is so much more than that.

Prue Leith

Prue Leith in her kitchen (Image: )

“In a lot of households, it really is the heart of the home, and somewhere we spend a huge amount of our time, especially over recent months.

“As a result, it has to deal with the comings and goings of daily life, be functional for preparing food, fit into the design and colour scheme of the home and many also feel it should fit in with their individual personality and lifestyle.

“It’s also the site of some pretty important life changing decisions, from deciding to have a baby through to moving house or buying a new car.

“We think that makes it the most important room in any home.”

The research discovered the typical kitchen might be house to 112 arguments a yr, with the majority of these about the washing up or loading the dishwasher.

On prime of this, it is going to even be the location for six youngsters’s tantrums, 5 revelations laid naked and 19 choices yearly.

An additional three massive life choices might be made, together with deciding to maneuver to a brand new home (35 p.c), quitting a job (26 p.c) and having a toddler (20 p.c).

And greater than 24 roast dinners might be cooked every year, though one dish might be fully ruined. 

Three in 10 have had a romantic second in the kitchen, with nearly one in twenty (4 p.c) utilizing it as a primary date location whereas six p.c have had a primary kiss in the room.

The research, carried out through OneBallot, additionally revealed 57 p.c have spent extra time than ever in their kitchen lately, with 60 p.c now extra more likely to redecorate or change it consequently.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly since solely 11 p.c stated they at present have their ‘forever kitchen’.

The dimension of the room (34 p.c) is the prime factor folks wish to replace, adopted by the cupboard space (33 p.c), model of the cupboards (29 p.c), worktops (27 p.c) and color scheme (26 p.c).

And of the typical British kitchen, 62 p.c have both white or gray kitchen partitions – with simply 1 p.c choosing a extra daring purple wall color. 

Colour-loving Prue, who has had Omega Kitchens for 25 years, added: “I am well-known for my love of colour and using colour in your kitchen can make sure it also reflects your personality and looks exactly how you want as well.

“And, whilst we know the majority have more simple colour walls in the home, the kitchen cabinets are a great way to introduce a splash of colour into the room.

“Kitchens don’t have to just be one colour, there are so many options, and at Omega people can choose from 22 door colours, 12 cabinet colours and 19 door styles, giving more than 400 options in total.”

Each yr, the typical kitchen will see:

112 arguments

Five secrets and techniques revealed

Six youngsters’s tantrums

19 choices

Three life-changing choices

24 roast dinners

One dish burned past restore

Two items of youngsters’s art work placed on the fridge

The smoke alarm set off six instances

Three smashed cups, plates or glasses


*All nationwide figures are primarily based on 27,600,000 households in the UK


Top 10 life choices to make in the kitchen

1. To purchase a brand new automotive

2. To transfer home

3. To purchase a pet

4. To give up a job

5. To add a house extension

6. To transfer in collectively

7. To have a toddler

8. To get a brand new tattoo

9. To get married

10. To retire




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