Apex Legends Season 9 introduces new character Valkyrie, a bow and more


The newest Apex Legends narrative video, Stories from the Outlands, teases a wealth of content material for Season 9 – together with a new character, titans, and more in addition to.

In a surprisingly emotional new video catching up on the tragic backstory of Apex Legends’ latest character, we’re handled to a suite of new issues because of land within the Apex Legends Season 9. If you’ve performed Titanfall 2, you could acknowledge Viper as one of many main antagonists from the sport (and the man that took BT’s arm). It appears Respawn isn’t shy about actually connecting the dots between Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 at this level.

First and foremost, the 8-minute video introduces us to the incoming Legend – codename Valkyrie. “Bold, brash, fiery and fierce, Kairi Imahara grew up in the shadow of her father’s legacy. But now she’s ready to launch her own,” reads a little blurb for the new character. Check out her video under.


Valkyrie’s talents have been datamined, so these might not be the ultimate specs, however that is roughly how she’ll play:

  • VTOL Jets (passive) – Hold bounce to provoke VTOL Jets – mainly a jetpack that lets you hover
  • Cluster Missile (tactical) – Fire a rocket that explodes a number of instances on influence
  • Skyward (final) – Press as soon as to prime for launch, and teammates can take part with the Ult at this stage. Press once more to launch into the air and then skydive.

The sport may even be introducing a new weapon with the new Season within the type of the Bockek Bow: a highly effective and lethal weapon (for these with the ability to wield it). “Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count,” says the outline.

We’re additionally going to see an infestation take over Olympus, although what precisely that entails stays to be seen. “An infestation has sprung loose, strangling the city with roots and natural growths,” says a blurb – so count on it to inhibit motion considerably.

As ever, we’ll be getting a battle move, and a Ranked mode will seem this season, too. You can learn a bit more about these over at the official Apex Legends site.

The video additionally appears to recommend Rampart is the one accountable for bringing Titans to the sport; if you happen to look in the direction of the tip of the clip, you possibly can see her engaged on a Titan into a massive hangar of some variety. Will the machines come as Ults, or be included in a completely different approach? Nothing has been confirmed but, however we do know they’re coming in Season 9, for certain – and the dataminers say the identical factor. Either approach, it’s nearly sure that these jets on Valk’s again are from the Titan within the hangar.

Apex Legends Season 9 begins on May 4, as per a date proven on the finish of the trailer.






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