Anamika Khanna Opens FDCI-LFW Joint Fashion Week


Fashion designer Anamika Khanna’s newest assortment ‘Timeless The World’ relies on her feelings by the pandemic.

“This collection is more about emotions than it is about the clothes. Going through the pandemic, each one of us have faced a lot of turmoil, a lot of emotional turbulence and a lot of us have given it a bit of thought as to what, why and how we do things. This collection has actually come out of those emotions that I have gone through,” mentioned Khanna, who launched her assortment on the opening day of the joint phygitical trend present by FDCI and Lakme Fashion Week.

Khanna explains to IANSlife: “(During the pandemic) we were experiencing the sense of its permanence and looking inwards for hope. And in this collection, I was imagining, like a 24 to 25-year-old young millennial who may have found her grandmother’s trunk and the very fact that she didn’t want to chuck them out and preserve them and yet use them in her own way. So the collection actually arises from that thought.”

The designer says that the best way she has checked out craft, after the pandemic, the “feeling of respect and preservation that she had, that bias that she always felt towards craft, has deepened”.

“It’s not just because I felt a sense of responsibility, but also because I thought it is the time to preserve the craft and textiles that we have in our country,” Khanna says.

Besides, Khanna has collaborated with artists Deepak Kumar Saw, Smriti Lekha Gogoi and Amlan Dutta who add floral and summary touches to this assortment.

She provides: “It’s a collection which comes from the bottom of my heart and it literally knows no boundaries, really. Every piece that we were doing is literally connected to one emotion that I may have been feeling at a certain time.”

Talking about tendencies of the season, the designer says,”This season there haven’t been particular individualistic tendencies as such. People are once more going by numerous adjustments of their life, some are nonetheless persevering with to stay of their sweatpants, some have had sufficient and need to transfer ahead.”

“Then there is this feeling of optimism, so things are getting a little opulent. I would think that opulence is lurking around in some corner. The other very big trend, which I feel is very crucial and almost like a tipping point in fashion is that it has become extremely individual. Nothing is right or wrong in fashion anymore. If it works for you, then it’s ok. And that’s what I have been feeling through the collection,” she provides.