All You Need to Know About the Epilepsy Awareness Day


Epilepsy Awareness Day, or Purple Day, is widely known yearly on March 26. The day is marked to increase consciousness amongst the individuals of the world about the mind dysfunction that’s epilepsy. It is a chance to improve the public’s understanding of the illness and to remove the worry and stigma round it. Epilepsy may be handled if identified and handled accurately. And that’s all the extra cause why consciousness and analysis is necessary.

History of Purple Day

Back in 2008, a younger Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia, Canada, based Epilepsy Awareness Day. The first ever occasion was held on March 26, that 12 months. Cassidy who was 9 at the time took her personal prognosis to increase consciousness round the world. She was motivated to share the struggles of dwelling with epilepsy after she realized the significance of public understanding of this frequent neurological dysfunction. In 2009, Cassidy and the Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes partnered with The Anita Kaufmann Foundation to launch Purple Day internationally.

The world sponsors of Purple Day are dedicated to bringing extra collective consideration by partnering with people and organizations throughout continents to promote epilepsy consciousness. Since the inception of Purple Day, the basis organises structured campaigns and has continued to broaden its attain since. It is an avenue for the public to study, interact, and help the schooling of epilepsy in the world in addition to dispel the myths and fears surrounding it.

Why is Purple Day necessary

Electrical disturbances skilled in the mind ends in seizures of various varieties. This is how a person will get epilepsy. A scary situation for the frequent individuals who usually make fallacious assumptions about the illness and the potentiality of those that stay with it. The fourth most typical neurological dysfunction, epilepsy comes after migraines, strokes, and Alzheimer’s. One in 26 Americans is estimated to develop epilepsy at one level of their life.

It raises understanding: Despite being a standard illness in America, not sufficient assets in the nation are consumed on analysis and consciousness. This is why Epilepsy Awareness Day is useful to present the situation the much-needed consideration it warrants.

It eliminates worry and stigma: Education has the potential; to eradicate worry and prejudice. People dwelling with epilepsy usually expertise stigma and discrimination, which may be reasonably burdensome to navigate than the situation itself. Epilepsy Awareness Day largely contributes to the understanding and perception of individuals round the world.

For the love of the color: 40% of individuals round the world say their favourite colour is purple. It is believed in frequent information that those that are captivated with the color make nice humanitarians and are fast to assist these in want. These are nice traits to serve in epilepsy schooling and help.

Here are few necessary information related to epilepsy

About 50 million individuals round the world reside with epilepsy. The danger of untimely dying in individuals struggling with this situation is sort of thrice greater than for the normal inhabitants.

1 in 100 persons are estimated to have epilepsy and roughly 2.2 million Americans stay with the situation. Epilepsy just isn’t a psychological dysfunction or contagious. Not everybody can perceive accurately the particular circumstances or occasions that have an effect on seizures, however a few of the frequent triggers are listed under which may also help one acknowledge particular seizure triggers:

-Forgetting to take prescribed seizure remedy

-Lack of sleep

-Missing meals

-Stress, pleasure, emotional upset

-Menstrual cycle / hormonal adjustments

-Illness or fever

-Low seizure remedy ranges

-Medications aside from prescribed seizure remedy

-Flickering lights of computer systems, tv, movies, and many others., and typically even vivid daylight

-Street medication




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