After Shamelessly Sharing Pics Of The Apartment From Friends Saying It’s Her AirBnB, Influencer Gets Busted


People are social beings, so naturally, we spend a lot of time dealing with other people. Sometimes the interactions are good and lift our spirit, while other times, we do so for work and to further our prospects, and then there are times when we are placed in a confrontational situation and have to find the best way out. It’s the latter that causes most of our problems, and sometimes people stumble and say or do the wrong thing, turning the whole thing into an even more complicated mess (admit it, we’ve all been there).

And that’s where the Reddit community aptly named AmItheAsshole comes in. Its sole purpose is to provide users with a consensus on whether they were, in one situation or the other, on the wrong side. This can help put one’s mind at ease, knowing that they acted correctly; and in some cases, the internet is not afraid to shame the transgressors. This time, the community rallied around a user by the name of yer-mommy.

This Reddit user shared how she accidentally embarrassed her influencer friend

Though the embarrassment was influencer’s fault, the user worried she was in the wrong too

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Yer-mommy came to the community to ask if she was in the wrong for outing her friend as a liar. Everything started mildly enough—the user’s friend, who was classified as a mom influencer, apparently likes taking things from the internet and reposting them as hers. And this time, she was sent an innocent picture of Monica’s apartment seen on the sit-com Friends, with a challenge to find a cat. The user thought it was would be a nice joke, since there’s no cat in the picture, but her friend couldn’t resist her old ways (it is a nice apartment, we have to give it that).

A trendy joke outed a pathological liar to the world when the user’s friend claimed the apartment from Friends as her own

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The friend instantly claimed the apartment as her new AirBnB and even came up with a backstory, including the non-existent cat! Unlucky for her, the internet was quick to catch on to the lie, since Friends is not obscure in any way. And instead of apologizing, the woman doubled down, lied some more, and finally turned off the comments on her social media to stop the backlash. But the damage was already done.

The Reddit user didn’t expect her friendly interaction to cost her friend her sponsors

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The Reddit user didn’t plan on this. It was supposed to be a ‘find-a-cat’ joke, with the twist that the apartment was fictional and there was no cat in the picture. Of course, she was aware that her friend liked to lie and claim other people’s content as her own, but no one could prepare her for this situation. The friend, naturally, blamed her for making her lose sponsors and taking her income, but the internet was adamant that she got what she deserved, since no one made her steal.

The user was unanimously named as innocent, while her friend got backlash for her lies

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The user readily admitted she was feeling slight jealousy that her friend got so much fame over seemingly nothing (little to no content was her own); while the sponsoring brands saw her as “keeping it real.” Light envy is not something any of us are safe from. But it wasn’t like the user set out to actively ruin her friend—it was just a joke. She even tried to help her friend solve the situation, but the proud influencer mom stuck to her stubborn ways and continued to blame yer-mommy. As they say, karma spares no one—and since she gained fame by stealing other people’s content, it seems fitting she was brought down by that same content too!




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