A Beginner’s Guide To Leveling 1-60 On WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is totally different compared to the current version. It caps the maximum level of characters to 60 and misses out on all the expansion content since 2006. However, it’s basically the same WoW game Blizzard released in 2004, allowing players to relive the original experience.

Although WoW Classic had received several bug fixes and UI updates since its launch last year, the gameplay has stayed the same as the original. Hence, leveling up a new character in this game takes more effort than usual.

If you have recently started playing WoW Classic, check out this game guide as it contains several tips for leveling characters from 1 to 60 in the most effective way.

WoW Classic Leveling Options

There are two main options for you to level up your character: Finishing quests or repeating dungeons.

Finishing the quests in different zones is probably the best option. You can do it alone, except that it’s slower than completing dungeons, depending on the class you choose. There’s a high chance of you getting sidetracked by something else and stop leveling up for a while. However, you can simultaneously level up your professions while you are questing.

On the other hand, you can do dungeons alongside a group of 5 people and repeat it for hours to farm up a considerable amount of levels. Besides, you will start receiving guaranteed rare drops, which you usually won’t get from completing regular quests.

With a mix of questing and doing dungeons, you can reach the max level cap in a week or two.

Questing in WoW Classic

Unless you are with a group, the only reliable way to level up in WoW Classic is questing. Completing quests alone is much easier than going solo in dungeons.

When you are questing, you will have to consider different factors to level up faster and efficiently. The first factor is the combat, where upgrading your gear with better stats and learning new spells will significantly decrease the time it takes to kill high-level enemies.

The second factor is recovery, which is necessary to keep yourself engaged in the fights. Unlike the current version of WoW, the Classic version is a lot more unforgiving in terms of resources. Leveling up your First Aid profession and having enough Spirit or Food can greatly help your recovery times.

When traveling a lot from one quest objective to another, it’s essential that you use either the ClassicCodex or the Questie add-on to get more things done in your playtime. Once you reach level 40, you can acquire your first mount and cut down on traveling time.

Playing WoW Classic solo or with group

While you can complete your quests alone, you must try to find a group to play with to finish quests requiring more than a single player. Having friends in the game also reduces combat time, and it’s even more enjoyable in general.

However, the experience that you gain from killing enemies is shared across all players in your group, so it might slow down your leveling by a bit. For example, if killing a monster gives you 100 EXP when playing solo, it will be shared to 50 EXP for two players, 39 EXP for three players, 33 EXP for four players, and 28 EXP for five players.

Also, avoid doing raids if you don’t want to get your EXP gains reduced per mobs and temporarily lose the option to complete quests.

Dungeons in WoW Classic

When you are doing dungeons, make sure to have players in the group who won’t leave after a while. Otherwise, having new players in the group can significantly reduce the EXP gained from dungeons.

If you manage to play with a like-minded group, you can clear through the zones faster and get guaranteed rare drops. Also, Warlock’s Ritual of Summoning is the only way to summon players to a dungeon.

However, it’s essential that you explore the open-world sometimes instead of grinding for levels in the dungeon. Otherwise, you will miss out on PvP and other aspects of WoW Classic.

To learn more about grinding dungeons, check out this 5-man Melee Cleave and 5-man Spell Cleave leveling guide from Hakurai on YouTube. It’s worth mentioning that you can level up without doing any of this, but it will help you complete certain quests that involve dungeons. These types of dungeon quests will also reward you rare items upon completion.

Dungeon grinding zones in WoW Classic

Below is a list of a few dungeons that are favorable for grinding. Those who are in the Alliance faction can start the grinding in Deadmines after level 16, whereas Horde members can begin with Ragefire Chasm after level 13.

The dungeons are different for both factions until level 30. After that, you can leave your starting zone and make your way to the high-level dungeons.

  • The Deadmines (Alliance, level 16-23)
  • The Stockade (Alliance, level 23-30)
  • Ragefire Chasm (Horde, level 13-18)
  • Wailing Caverns (Horde, level 18-25)
  • Shadowfang Keep (Horde, level 23-30)
  • Scarlet Monastery (level 30-44)
  • Zul’Farrak (level 44-49)
  • Blackrock Depths (level 49-56)
  • Lower Blackrock Spire (level 56-60)

Leveling up professions in WoW Classic

While it might slow you down to your goal, leveling up professions is quite important in WoW Classic. As you make progress, you will acquire professions like Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning, which is great for earning massive amounts of Gold that you can use to buy your first mount or upgrade your class skills.

As previously mentioned, you must level up your First Aid profession, which lets you craft Bandages using the cloth. You can use it to regenerate a considerable amount of HP in just a few seconds. Since it’s a secondary profession, you can learn it as soon as you finish learning your primary professions.


This guide has walked you through a few ways to leveling up your character from 1 to 60 on WoW Classic. If you are a little desperate to level up quickly and upgrade your gear, consider buying WoW Classic Gold from MyWOWGold instead. They sell WoW Classic Gold at affordable prices, plus you get 24/7 online support and an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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