85 Of The Best Parenting Tweets This February


During this complete worldwide pandemic that’s been occurring method longer than anybody might have ever thought, dad and mom have become considerably super-fueled dad and mom on responsibility. Juggling a number of duties without delay, from working from residence to educating their little ones issues they know little about themselves, they’re now the official pandemic-era transformers.

No surprise parenting tweets of the month are getting increasingly hilarious, painful, and completely relatable. So this Bored Panda compilation of February is devoted to those that depend LEGO whereas attempting to lastly go to sleep and have some relaxation, and those that hold our little munchkins blissful when the world is placed on freeze, and those that share their humorous parenting tales for everybody to chuckle at. This massive spherical of applause goes out to you.

And once you’re finished upvoting your fave tweets, you should definitely examine our most up-to-date posts from January, December, and November.




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